Prague Taxi – the biggest trap for tourists

Prague Taxi Car in the dark

Most places are conveniently reached by public transport. One of the biggest traps for tourists is Prague taxi. In case you have to use a taxi, always arrange the total price in advance. Or use one of the mobile apps. How it functions: Cheating: drivers in Prague are famous for …

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Weather in Czech Republic

Sunset Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a beautiful landlocked county and is located in moderate geographical latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. Generally, this country’s climate and weather can be termed as temperate and continental. The climate is mild to moderate and characterized by four distinct seasons that correspond to the temperate climate …

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The Top Things You Must Do In Prague

This is an overview of the best spots to get the most fun in Prague city. Prague’s history dates back over a thousand years. The city can match any other city in Europe in terms of sheer beauty and magnificence. Prague will astound even the most well-travelled tourist with is …

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Awesome Places to Visit Away from Prague

Old Houses, Telc

You can visit Prague for its grandiose and iconic history, architecture and theatres and still have a lot of fun without venturing outside the capital. There is so much in the city itself to see that people forget that they are many more attraction sites outside the city not to …

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Panorama Hotel Prague

The Panorama Hotel Prague is a subsidiary of the Corinthia chain of hotels. As its name implies, the hotel provides guests with a panoramic view of the entire Prague City. The panoramic views are more than breathtaking, leaving guests yearning for more. Located just 197 meters from Prague’s main metro …

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Cloister Inn Hotel

Located in the heart of Prague on the quieter side, the Cloister Inn Hotel provides utter serenity and tranquility. It is the ultimate destination for couples, history enthusiasts and lovers of architecture. The hotel is easily accessible from the city center and is only a 5-minute walk from Charles Bridge. …

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Grandior Hotel Prague

The Grandior Hotel Prague is the epitome of luxurious living. Opened in 2004, this luxurious hotel is situated in the city center of Prague and is easily accessible through public transportation. In fact, it is only a 10-minute walk from the Old Town Square, near the main train station. Guests …

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The United Islands Festival

The United Islands

The United Islands music festival is an annual presentation of various genres of both local and international music. The stylish and diverse presentation include jazz, folk, world, electronic, indie, pop, rock, and new experimental music and trends. This music festival is always held in the open air, and the admissions …

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