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Church of Our Lady Victorious

The Baroque Church is famous for its statue of the Infant Jesus, and his ornate attire. The church was built in the early 17th century by Lutheran ministers. Later additions to the building include a monastery near the church and a renovated façade. The point of entry was change to …

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National Memorial at Vitkov

The National memorial at Vitkov is dedicated to the soldiers who fought as Legionnaires during the First World War. Since construction in the 1930s, the building has undergone renovations and refurbishments. It was briefly turned into a mausoleum, and currently houses exhibits that form part of the National Museum. For …

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Jerusalem Synagogue, Prague

Amazing Places In Czech Republic

The Jerusalem Synagogue in Prague is considered to be the richest synagogue in the world in terms of the treasures it contains. It is the youngest of all the synagogues located in Prague. However, it is the biggest of all synagogues in Prague. This synagogue features a Moorish style. It …

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Rudolfinum A Place Of Music Lovers

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About Rudolfinum If you are visiting Prague, the capital of Czech Republic for the first time, you must be quite unsure about the nearest tourist destinations across this city. Among the various local tourist destinations, Rudolfinum can be an ideal choice for anyone to give a visit at any time. …

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Prague National Gallery

If you love art or you just want to learn more about Prague, Czech Republic, all you need to do is visit the exhibits of the Prague National Gallery. Here, you can enjoy a relaxed afternoon going through the various exhibits. The Prague National Gallery is an important part of …

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John Lenon Wall

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John Lennon is the co-founder of the most successful band in the world, the Beatles. After his death on December 8, 1980, he was considered a pacifist hero for the Czech Republic’s youth. An intricately made image of him was painted by an artist on an ordinary wall which has …

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