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Come and visit Olomouc

Olomouc is a city in Moravia and is located in the east of the Czech Republic. Located on the Morava River, the city is the ecclesiastical metropolis and historical capital city of Moravia. Rumored to have been founded by Czar the city is filed with Brooke works of art, fountains …

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Kutna Hora

One of the most beautiful and historic cities in the known world is called Kutna Hora. Kutna Hora is situated close to the religious inspired Prague and has been called the most historic city in the Czech Republic. The city is often refered to as the silver city since the …

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Exploring the city of Telc

Old Houses, Telc

The city of Telc is located between the cities of Prague and Vienna in the southern region of the Czech Republic. The city began construction in the twelfth century as large swamps were drained and larger timber dwelling were constructed between large ponds and greenery. In the thirteenth century the …

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What to see in Pilsen


Pilsen (Plzen in Czech) is the fourth largest city in The Czech Republic. It is the administrative center of the Plzen Region; one of the 14 administrative regions of this country that lies in the heart of Europe. The West Bohemia, Radbuza, Mze, Uslava and Ohlava rivers all flow into …

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Mělník-seat of the earliest Czech kings

The town of Melnik is located on a high place, by the side of the rivers Vltava and Labe. This is one of the earliest known human settlements in the country. The city is today known for its cathedral and heritage buildings, not to mention wine making and old town …

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Olomouc – Bohemian wonder

The city of Olomouc was once a thriving seat of culture, as oart of Bohemia. It is now home to a UNESCO heritage monument and other Baroque style buildings. the place is also famous for its scenic beauty. For visitors, the laidback charm of the town is something to savor. …

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Zlin – Moravian capital

Zlin in the Czech republic is known for its association with a world famous brand of shoes. The city forms part of the region of Zlin, once the seat of Moravian empire and your tour to the city also offers the added bonus of being able to visit some notable …

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