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Church of Our Lady Victorious

The Baroque Church is famous for its statue of the Infant Jesus, and his ornate attire. The church was built in the early 17th century by Lutheran ministers. Later additions to the building include a monastery near the church and a renovated façade. The point of entry was change to face Karmelitska Street and an organ was added. To further assist the grand vision of the new owners of the church, a bell tower was added.

The most popular attraction is the statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague. Brought to the country from Spain, the statue was passed on from mother to daughter of the Pernstejn family. It was known throughout the land for its ability to protect against devastation through robbery, war, and disease. Briefly lost and then damaged, the statue was repaired in the mid 17th century.

Today, the statue forms a significant part of religious tourism in the country. It also has wide following in other countries, and is believed to be capable of protection.

Major attractions

The Infant Jesus statue is known for its ornate garments. The attire is frequently changed, as is the crown. The altar, one of the original structures from the church’s early days, is known for its gold decoration. A statue of Madonna also attracts attention. The church is also famous for its artwork. In particular, paintings of religious figures are much admired by visitors.

The bell tower is another notable attraction here. The three bells installed in the tower are known for their interesting history. Two of the bells are part of the original tower structure, while the third bell was installed at a later date.

The church also contains a vault, where notable people were interred after death. This vault, owing its fragile state, does not admit visitors. The vault and its contents were damaged many times over due to water logging and floods. Many of the dead bodies were removed during the 18th century. The vault is somewhat of a legend, with tales of many famous people having been buried here, being told.


The museum displays the robes of the statue, and offers a variety of garments for display. Ornate and done in many styles, many of the robes have been handmade by famous adherents. For many visitors, touring the museum offers a peek into attire styles and splendors that church ornaments are associated with.

Nearby attractions

The church is located in Mala Strana, which offers plenty of opportunities for sightseeing. This street, with is cobbled pavements, has an old world charm although it is not as old some of the other historic locations in Prague. As is common with many places in Prague, this street is replete with coffee shops and gift stores and has a laidback charm. At one end of the street would be the famous Charles Bridge. The area has many historic buildings, such as those on Petrin Hill and the St. Vitus Church. The Museum of Music is also located here, offering a peek into the country’s cultural history. The Prague Castle, perhaps the most famous city landmark, is also located close to the church.

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