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Church of St. Nicholas in the Lesser Quarter – Baroque marvel

For those love to explore cathedrals, the Church of St. Nicholas in the Lesser Quarter would be an ideal place to start your exploration of Prague. The second reason to visit would be the marvelous architecture. The Church of St. Nicholas in the Lesser Quarter features some of the most attractive styles as far as Baroque is concerned. The structure stands on location of a former Gothic style church that stood here until the 18th century. The place has been associated with famous people down through the ages. Mozart once performed here.

History –

The church was elaborately designed and construction painstakingly carried out. It took over a century to build the church. The architects were diligent in creating a master plan that would strike visitors with awe. The blueprints were approved and changed many times over, so there are parts of the church that display older styles of architecture. The first design was simple, with a central rounded space for mass. As the construction proceeded the design changed to give way to a more elaborate structure, consisting of a domed ceiling spread over linked system of chapels, vault, and seating.

Frescoes and paintings –

The elaborate design also includes some notable works of art by renowned masters of various art styles. These artworks offer a hint of majesty to the church. The statues are also part of the artwork featured here. Another must see work is a fresco by Franz Palko, spread over the majestic, high dome. This is a place that has hosted many noted artists and aristocrats.

Organ –

The church also features a centuries old organ, notable for its pristine condition. Belonging to the Baroque era, it offers considerable interest to musicians, students of history and the general public.

Bell tower –

The bell tower at the Church of St. Nicholas in the Lesser Quarter is known for its splendid view of the city. In particular it offers scenic spot to watch the river Vltava.

Nearby attractions –

You can visit the Charles Bridge, connecting two major parts of the city, to get a feel of history. This is a place known for the martyrdom of a saint and an uprising of a nobleman. The lesser Town Square is dotted by cafes and restaurants, shops and diplomatic enclaves. Baroque buildings are a dominant theme here so you can explore the heritage monuments which today house commercial complexes and administrative offices. The Town Hall here is of historic importance, calling for peace among different religious sects. The Smiricky Palace is also another important monument and intricately connected to the Thirty Years War.

The Lesser Town itself is known for its picture postcard beauty. It offers hospitable accommodation for visitors, and many places to explore away from the bustle of the other parts of the city. Care has been taken not to disturb the unique architecture of the buildings, dating back to the Baroque era.

Getting there –

The Lesser Town area is accessible by tram and metro. Those using the tram can take route 20 and 22 to the Malostranske.

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