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When it comes to history, art and culture you must visit the Rudolfinum

When visiting Prague you will feel like you are emerged in culture and history.  As you walk the streets of Prague you will see wondrous works of art, ancient buildings, breathtaking views and so much more.  When it comes to Prague if you want it you can find it.

This is however a good thing as well as a bad thing. It is good since you will never be lacking for something to do.  The bad part of it is that you will be wondering the streets of Prague looking for it when in fact you can visit the Rudolfinum and experience everything Prague has to offer under o ne roof.  

Built as a catch all cultural center the Rudolfinum is not a government building or some ancient ruin.  The building was constructed as a join project funded by artists, business professionals and others who wanted a place that was a symbol of every type of art form available.

When visiting the Rudolfinum you will be amazed at the shear diversity of art and culture that is available.  When walking the halls you will see countless works of art from handcrafted sculptures to fantastic paintings and other works of art.  You will see volumes of literary works that tell countless stories of Prague’s history, religion and culture history.

If you are looking for entertainment then you will not be disappointed.  The Rudolfinum is home of countless concerts, plays and other forms of live entertainment.  It is here the citizens of Prague can come and express themselves in a countless number of ways.

Made up of three great halls and two lounges there is a place for everyone.  The public is able to rent out the halls and lounges for personal gatherings and events as well as attend scheduled events put on by others.

When visiting Prague you will find no other place better than the Rudolfinum to experience the best of what the city has to offer.

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