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West Bohemia

If you are traveling through Bohemia and specifically West Bohemia there will be a lot for you to do and see if you are looking for a good time and a place to kick back and relax. West Bohemia the place for Beer, Relaxation and Fun When we look at …

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North Bohemia

When traveling through North Bohemia one will be mystified of the fantasy like world they are entering. Surrounding you from every angle will be lush green trees, vast meadows and farms from every direction. When traveling through this area of Bohemia you are entering into the agricultural section of the …

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Moravia and Silesia

When traveling through the Czech Republic you will want to take some time and visit Moravia and Silesia. Here you will find an amazing world of architecture in the Baroque style from buildings to statues to fountains that fill the city streets. Střílky Cemetery The first place on your trip …

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Central Bohemia

Castle Karlstejn

The central area of Bohemia is considered to be an administrative unit of the country and therefore not an official part of the Bohemian nation. Central Bohemia as its name suggests lies in the center of Bohemia itself. This section of the country is considered to the largest area of …

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