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Castle Karlstejn
Castle Karlstejn Czech Republic

Central Bohemia

The central area of Bohemia is considered to be an administrative unit of the country and therefore not an official part of the Bohemian nation. Central Bohemia as its name suggests lies in the center of Bohemia itself.

This section of the country is considered to the largest area of the country measuring an impressive 11,014 km.
Surrounding the capital of Prague it boarders the Liberec Region to the north, the Hradec Králové Region to the north east, the Pardubice Region to the east, Vysočina Region to the south east and finally the South Bohemian Region to the south. You will also find Plzeň Region and Ústí nad Labem Region to the west North West respectively.

When visiting this country you will find that it is broken up into two main areas, the north and the south. The north is where most of the agriculture is done. Here the land is fertile and great for planting. Livestock thrives here and the weather is mild and great for farming.

The second half of the region is forestry land. Filled with ancient trees that go back for centuries this land is preserved and protected for its natural beauty and future resources.

In central Bohemia you will find a series of very important rivers that bring water to the lands for farming and wildlife. These rivers include the Elbe, Vltava, Berounka, Jizera and Sázava. A series of dams have also been constructed on these rivers to help with water flow to the city as well as irrigation and natural protection.

With all of this beauty many parks have been created for tourists and the locals alike. Also, scattered amongst these parks you will find an assortment of different caves and caverns. Many of these caves are open to the public and those with an adventurous spirit can spend a day exploring the interior of the earth.

With a population of almost 1.3 million people the central Bohemia region is a wonderful place to live. The people of the area are friendly and those who visit can find a lot of fun and interesting activities to keep them wanting to come back. For those who are looking for a quiet place to just get away from the world this area of the country has more of that to spare than anywhere else in Bohemia.

If you are looking to live here many of the job markets rotate around mechanical engineering, chemical industry and food industry. Other areas of employment can also be found in glass production, ceramics and printing.
All in all this is a wonderful place to visit and live. With miles upon miles of untapped land in this area of the world there is plenty of room to grow, be comfortable as well as live a life free of stress and cares.

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