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Vineyard with chapel near Velke Bilovice in Southern Moravia, Palava, Czech Republic

Moravia and Silesia

When traveling through the Czech Republic you will want to take some time and visit Moravia and Silesia. Here you will find an amazing world of architecture in the Baroque style from buildings to statues to fountains that fill the city streets.

Střílky Cemetery

The first place on your trip should be the Střílky Cemetery. Unlike other cemeteries you will find in the region this one is filled with life rather than death. In this cemetery you will find amazing statues and a chapel. Constructed between 1730 and 1733 this cemetery is considered to be the jewel of Moravia and Silesia.

Fairytale buildings

Built in the sixteenth century many buildings were constructed within gardens along rivers and angled against mountains. These buildings have become the basis and foundations for many fantasy and fairytale legends. As you travel through these ground a famous chateau will be the inspiration and guiding force as you create amazing stories and adventures of your own.

Explore and find Romance

Many say that Paris is the city of love. I would have to disagree. Here surrounded by magnificent structures, rolling hills and vistas that can only be described in storybooks Moravia and Silesia have taken that crown.

One place you will want to explore is John’s Castle. It is here you can relive the days of kings, queens, knights and dragons. Built in the nineteenth century this castle was constructed simply because someone wanted one.

Knights and Fighting

If you are someone interested in the battles of knights on horses, the clanging and banging of metal against sword and shield then you will want to come and visit on Brno Day. This summertime city celebration commemorates a major historical event: the defense of Brno against the Swedish army during the Thirty Years War. It is here you can see reenactments of famous battles, dine on medieval cuisine and live like a king, queen or nobleman till your hearts content.

Music and concerts

If you are looking for some live entertainment then you will not be disappointed. Many fairs and events will fill your calendar as street performers and concerts are always practicing their craft and seeking out the admiration of the public. Make sure to comment on their performance and offer your tribute as many have been practicing this craft for the majority of their lives.

Travel the countryside

As visit the countryside you can easily find the most enjoyable or romantic way to travel. Many who visit will take a tranquil boat ride through many of the cities waterways, get in a little exercise through many of the bike trails and parks that line the countryside or lye in the arms of their lover as they take a moonlight carriage ride through the streets.

No matter what your style or tastes there is always something to do here. So make sure you plan your trip, take your time and capture each moment as they will never come again.

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