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Pravcicka brana natural gate in the Czech-Saxon Switzerland

North Bohemia

When traveling through North Bohemia one will be mystified of the fantasy like world they are entering. Surrounding you from every angle will be lush green trees, vast meadows and farms from every direction. When traveling through this area of Bohemia you are entering into the agricultural section of the country. Here, most of the food for the region is grown and cultivated.


When traveling through Bohemia you will have amazing sites and vistas to fill your imagination. Northern Bohemia is famous for lookout sites where one can gaze out amongst the countryside and see nothing but beauty and wonder from every direction.


One reason many people come here is for a pilgrimage. These pilgrimages are undertaken for many different reasons. Some are to find God while others are just to find themselves or something they lost. No matter what the reason or why one came here the northern area of Bohemia is filled with famous pilgrimage locations, associated with amazing tales and stories to listen to as well as create for oneself.

Mountains and valleys

For those who want a picturesque scene to stand against or a physical challenge to overcome the northern area of Bohemia will not disappoint. From each direction one will see a lush green mountain or rolling hillside. Carved into the side of these amazing places are homes, churches and wonders to explore.


If you are looking for water action or just a place to go fishing you will want to take advantage of the many lakes and rivers that line the countryside. Here you can bathe in the waters of history, fish for the foods that sustained travelers and nobleman of long ago or just sit on the shores enjoying the warm mountain air as it kisses your neck from the mountains above.


Looking for some fun and excitement? Well we have live concerts, events and entertainment that will fill your heart and touch your soul. Weather it is just a fun night on the town alone or with friends or if you are celebrating a special occasion northern Bohemia has just what you are looking for and more.

Celebrate Beer

One of the most sought after and anticipated events is the Beer Festival. Known for being the world producer of beer as well as the founder of modern brewing methods Northern Bohemia is the place to come and celebrate and experience the world of beer.

So, no matter what your occasion or what your reason coming to the northern region of Bohemia should be on the top of everyone’s list. Be if the young or the old, the sight seer or the pilgrim there is always something around every corner when you visit.

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