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Old Houses, Telc
Old Houses, Telc

Exploring the city of Telc

The city of Telc is located between the cities of Prague and Vienna in the southern region of the Czech Republic. The city began construction in the twelfth century as large swamps were drained and larger timber dwelling were constructed between large ponds and greenery.

In the thirteenth century the city was protected by a large castle. Later in the fourteenth century Telc was granted the status of a city no under the rule of the castle. From its initial design and construction the city of Telc has been considered as one of the most beautiful cities in all of the Czech Republic.

As you walk through the city of Telc you will be surrounded by lovely buildings that encircle a central marketplace. In the middle of this marketplace you will find two Brooke fountains as well as a plague column constructed in the year 1717.

In the year 1530 a great fire swept through the city burning all of the timber buildings to the ground forcing the citizens to rebuild most of the city. After the city was rebuilt a grand marketplace was established which allowed the citizens to conduct trade which in turn brought great wealth to the citizens.

As you walk through the city and main marketplaces you will see that each building is painted with wonderful arcades. On the larger buildings two or three of these paintings are presented in a row symbolizing a sting of unbroken pearls.

As the town grew the citizens of the city were given both salt and brewing rights which also helped to bring an additional source of income and wealth to the city. This in turn made the people wealthy and the city prosperous.

One of the many architectural styles you will find in the city is that of illusions. When looking at many of the facades that are built into the buildings one would come to believe that there are more stories to the buildings than there are. This is not the case however but does add an additional level of size to the city.

The main point of interest in the city is the castle. The castle is located at the base of two church towers that offer protection from God to the castle below. Tours are available for the castle and begin in the treasury where tickets can be purchased.

The Castle

When entering the castle you have many access points that give the visitors a warm and inviting feeling. In the treasury room there are many paintings that will delight the eyes with their many shadows and illusions.

The Castle Tour

The tour starts in the theater room and then into an intimate library. In the library you will find a magnificent folding cupboard made out of exotic woods. From there you will enjoy the African room. In this room you will see the stuffed animals, antlers and other displays of hunts of years ago.

From the castle you will also see a magnificent view of the tournament courtyard before making your way into the knights room. In the knights room you will be in awe as you gaze upon the square ceiling dating back to 1570. Surrounding you are many suits of armor as well as an assortment of well-preserved weaponry.

One of the most magnificent sights is the Golden hall. This room fills the entire west wing of the castle and is a sight to be seen. When it comes to visiting Telc you will not be disappointed. Many wonders await as you visit this city.

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