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Municipal House in Prague Czech Republic

Find a little bit of everything when visiting the municipal house in Prague

When traveling through Prague you will be amazed at all of the amazing sights, tastes and experiences that you will encounter.  As you walk the streets you will come in contact with vendors of all types trying to sell their wares to tourists and locals alike.  When traveling these streets you will soon desire a one stop shop for everything in one place. Just like in other parts of the world Prague is no different.

In Prague there are several locations where you can find food, entertainment and shopping and more. Many of them offer a wide arrangement of different wares but none like the Municipal house.  When we visit the municipal house we are entering a building that is famous for its combination of artistic styles. Unlike other locations in Prague the Municipal house is one of the newest buildings with its construction in the late 1990s.

When you enter this location you will be in awe of the artwork, sculptures, food and overall feeling you receive. When entering the municipal house you can be taken through by an experienced guide that will give you stories of history, religious happenings and much more.

If a tour is not your thing then you may enjoy one of the many concerts, plays or other forms of live entertainment that are performed on a daily basis.  In the many halls that make up the building, that seats over eleven hundred people comfortably, you can hear orchestra music, live local entertainment and much more.

After engaging with your evening’s entertainment or if you are just looking for something to snack on, you will find a wide array of restaurants and small eateries to wet your whistle.  When visiting Prague it would be a shame if you missed out on visiting this all the great possibilities the municipal house has to offer.

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