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Gain a world of knowledge when visiting the Clementinum

When visiting somewhere on vacation one of the last places one may consider visiting would be a library, but in the case of the Clementinum you will want to make an exception. When it comes to learning about Prague, the culture and the way of life for the past two thousand years there is no better place to get that information than from the Clementinum.

The Clementinum is the largest national library in Prague. This library holds countless volumes of work dating back centuries. When visitng the library you can take a forty five minute guided tour. This tour costs 225 CZK and is worth every cent.

When on the tour you will be taken to the Baroque Hall , Meridian Hall and Astronomical Tower. On this tour you may feel like you are back in school learning about history, culture and facts about Prague but for someone visiting the city for the first time this tour is well worth it.

This massive complex is something that can’t be enjoyed in a single hour so planning some time to visit, take in the countless volumes of literature and art will take time or multiple visits. The extensive complex of Clementinum is situated on the Old Town side of the Charles Bridge, directly in the historical center of Prague . Klementinum was built on an area of two hectares and is one of the largest construction companies in Europe.

When visiting and taking the tour the most attractive part will be the Clementinum Astronomical Tower which stands an impressive 68 meters high, giving you a beautiful view of the historical center of Prague, Meridian Hall – a unique room, previously used for determining noon, and Baroque library hall with beautiful frescoes and several historically valuable great globes.

If you are someone really looking to take in the true history and culture of Prague you will want to really plan your trip so that you can experience all the Clementinum has to offer. For many visiting it is said to be one of the educational experiences they have ever had on a trip.

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