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Golden Lane Prague – a trip back in time

Visiting the Golden Lane, Prague is like going back in time. The houses and street have been preserved in the original state, and this lends a charm to the visit. Many visitors have compared it to the streets of fairyland they see in picture books. The atmosphere is straight out of a movie set in the 16th century, or maybe a Disney adventure.


Golden Lane is located inside the Prague Castle Complex, the most expansive continual castle complex in the world. The lane reportedly was the place where the palace goldsmiths lived and worked. It was also a place where the palace staff such as the soldiers and servants had their homes. Another folkloric version states that the people living here were alchemists, involved in creating gold for the king’s treasury. The Golden Lane was abandoned as a housing colony in the 16th century; however, its architecture was preserved down through the centuries. In the later years, the place became open to public habitation and many celebrities found rest, recreation and inspiration here. In the house no. 22 on Golden Lane lived the famous author Franz Kafka.

Tiny houses

The houses on the golden Lane are small. History tells us they used to be even smaller. They were once immensely tiny, and even required specially created furniture to fit inside those dimensions. Even today, you can see remade furniture, for the tiny houses. The tiny houses eventually went to ruins; the current houses are those that replaced these older, smaller houses.

Notable attractions

The Golden Lane has preserved the homes, workshops and pubs from long ago. The visitor gets to peek into their lifestyle. Look at the implements in the workshop of the goldsmith, or the tavern of the medieval era, where tired working class people gathered for an evening of merriment. There are stores where a fortune teller once operated, and you can look at the tools she used. There is a workshop that reputedly belonged to an alchemist. There are the staff kitchens not too far from here. Also on display are textiles belonging to the period and weaponry.

One of the best ways to see the wonders of the Golden Lane is to join a guided tour. The tours will take you to the notable spots here, and give an explanation about the history and legends associated with them. If you are unfamiliar with the place, this is a good option.

Nearby attractions

Since this site lies within the celebrated Prague Castle your visit to Golden Lane will probably be clubbed with visit to the other attractions within the castle. These include the St. Vitus Cathedral and the Lobkowicz Palace.

Getting there

The first option would be to use the Metro Line A, which will get you to Malostranska. From there you can take a tram to the Hrad or any other stop nearby the complex. The alternative tram line will enable you to walk to the castle, and this walk is known for its charming character, as you look at the wonders of nature and enjoy your walk.