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Hospital and Church of the Holy Trinity in Kuks

If you’re planning a trip to the Czech Republic then you must make the Kuks Baroque complex along the River Elbe a priority on your list of places to visit. This magnificent complex was built between 1694 –1724 by prominent landowner Count Spork, a German General who fought battles in the region before making it his permanent home. The village originally boasted a hospital, church, pharmacy, guest houses, a library, race track and one of the most important spas in the region. The remnants of the hospital, church, spa and pharmacy are all that remain with much of their original design still intact.

Today, visitors relish in the beauty of an area that encompasses the natural beauty of the region with the remaining historical structures that still stand proudly along the banks of the river.

As you walk through the grounds, you will be taken back in time by the original architecture of the buildings and paths that time cannot destroy. Many statues carved by the great Mataya Bernard Braun who is considered to be the “Michelangelo of the Czech Republic” are scattered throughout the area, ready to greet you as you walk through the buildings and neighboring forest. His famous artworks in the area include an original stone carved nativity scene which is the only one in the world, statues of the 12 virtues and 12 vices, a collection of dwarfs, Christian soldiers and the holy angel Gloria.

The remaining structure of what was once a hospital boasts an ancient pharmacy that houses some of the most unique medicines including dragon’s blood, wolf’s liver and powder from a hanged man’s head. As you walk through the halls of the ancient hospital, original structures and furnishings provide visitors with a glimpse of some of the past medical practices of the 17 century.

The spa was a luxurious building and the most visited place in the area during the Bohemian Era. It’s healing springs were legendary. Throughout the 17th century, many balls, plays, hunts and rituals were held at this historic and prominent spa. Remnants of it’s splendor can still be seen today as you pass through this glorious structure.

The Most Holy Trinity Church is home to many beautiful paintings, original furnishings, a crucifix carved by Mataya Bernard Braun and the mysterious crypt that is home to the Tomb of the Spork family. This exquisite building will leave you speechless as you pass through the incredible architecture.

As you walk through the forest, you will pass by many spectacular stone statues to a monuments that sits in the middle of the forest. The natural peace and tranquility of the area is unlike any other place on earth.

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country that boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes and historical sites in the world including the Kuk’s hospital and Most Holy Trinity Church along the River Elbe. This 17th century village boasts many of its original architecture and décor. The historical beauty of this once popular village is a must see in the Kuk’s region.

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