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Important Telephone Numbers

When you find yourself in a situation it is important to know who to call and what to tell them. In many countries around the world an emergency phone system has been setup for the residents of that country. These numbers are usually short and will connect you to a live person 24 hours a week. When contacting these numbers it is important that you know what is going on, exactly where you are and what you need. When you find yourself in an emergency the difference between life and death weighs on every word and action that you say.

When we talk about the Czech Republic we have a simple to remember set of numbers to call. These numbers can be dialed from a home phone, cell phone and even a locked cell phone if the model you have is only a year or two old.
When in an emergency our minds race and we begin to enter into a state of sure panic. In this state it may be difficult to remember a 1 or a 4 or 7. This is why the main number that you want to remember is 112. This is the universal phone number for assistance. Similar to the United States 911 112 will connect you to a dispatch unit for fire, police and medical personal.

Using 112 is great in a pinch. The problem is that you don’t want to rely on this in the event of an actual emergency when seconds count. The reason for this is that those few seconds cold have been saved contacting the desired department and getting them to you just a few second sooner.

Medical Assistance

When it comes to a medical emergency you want to dial 155. This will connect you directly to a medical person who can assist you over the phone with direction to stabilize a victim or even yourself if the situation calls for it. When calling for medical assistance you will be able to quickly give detailed accounts of the situation to the medical person who can then communicate them to the medical dispatch team. The team can them prepare any medication or first aid that is needed on route.

Fire and Disaster Relief

When you see a fire, natural disaster, automobile accident or another type of accident you want to dial 150. 150 will connect you to fire and rescue. These men and women are trailed to be first responders and can bring equipment and training that will mean the difference between life and death.

Police of the Czech Republic

When it comes to needing the authorities’ referring to the police, the Czech police departments are broken up into two different divisions. The first are the police of the Czech Republic. They can be contacted by dialing 158. They are usually called for all daytime and major disturbances. The second division of the police are the municipal police department. They can be reached by dialing 156. This is the number you would call during the evening hours. Before dialing 156 however make sure it is only between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM and ensure that it fits the correct crime. If you call at the wrong time or for the wrong reason you may receive a find of 5,000 Czech Crowns or 205 US Dollars.

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