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The Czech Language

Speaking Czech, The Hardest Language on Earth
When it comes to learning languages it is stated that the Czech language is probably the most complicated one to learn. In the Czech Republic the common language spoken is Czech. Czech is a combination of Russian, Croatian and most notably Polish.
The Czech language is so complicated in fact, many refuse to learn it. Many people in the area will choose to speak, Slovak, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, or Vietnamese. In fact the deaf are encouraged to learn Australian sign language since it is the closest thing to the Czech language.
When learning to speak the Czech language the hardest letter to pronounce is the letter “I”. It is said to be so difficult in fact many will stumble pronouncing it. To pronounce the letter “I” you will want to close your mouth and place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. From there slightly parse your lips and keep your teeth clenched. Now make the sound of a horse by vibrating your tongue. Now if you can actually stop laughing for a moment you might be able to make that sound.
When we look at the Czech language we quickly realize that many of the words don’t contain vowels. This can be very difficult for people to grasp since 99% of the rest of the world rely on vowels to form words, phrase and sentences.
When we look at the way the Czech language is formulated we can have a single work mean many different tings. For example the word zničit can mean the following
zničit – perish
zničit – ruin
zničit – ruinate
zničit – sabotage
zničit – slay
zničit – spoil
zničit – stultify
zničit – subvert
zničit – sweep away
zničit – tire out
zničit – abolish
zničit – abrogate
zničit – annihilate
zničit – atomize
zničit – blight
zničit – bring to naught (US)
zničit – bring to nought
zničit – bring to ruin
zničit – chop about
zničit – consume
zničit – consume away
zničit – crack up
zničit – crumple
zničit – crush
zničit – crush down
zničit – damn
zničit – decimate
zničit – demolish
zničit – destroy
zničit – devastate
Learning the language
If you plan on learning the Czech language you will find it a very limited language in its overall use. In fact the Czech language is spoken in the Czech Republic and some outlining are exclusively. This makes it a somewhat lost tongue used only by the natives.
When it comes to the Czech language however the entire world does take one word and uses it on a daily basis. This word has found its way into many books, movies and even the imaginative lore of children since the early 1900’s. That word is Robot.

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