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Czech Republic Travel Guide
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Transportation in the Czech Republic

Getting Around, The Best Ways to Experience the Czech Republic
If you are one who likes to travel then you will defiantly want to consider taking a trip to the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is filled with beautiful rolling hills, lush greenery and breath taking sights that will keep you coming back time and time again. When visiting the Czech Republic however it will be important to know how to move around and the general rules of the road. For many traveling to a strange land will generally rely on locals to show you the lay of the land. However, if you plan on staying for an extended time you will want to know the rules.
When traveling to the Czech Republic from places like the United States you should feel right at home driving an automobile. Like in the states those driving in the Czech Republic drive on the right side of the road. This will feel comfortable for many and increase the driving experience.
When driving your car however you must be made aware that you must keep your lights on at all times. Unlike in other parts of the world where we use our lights only at night or during dangerous driving conditions, those in the Czech Republic are required to use lights whenever in operation of their vehicle.
Zero Tolerance Policies
When driving or transporting in a vehicle at no time can an individual drink alcohol. This includes leaving a restaurant after drinking, a bar or leaving the home you own or of a friend. To enforce this policy the police are authorized to administer breathalyzer tests on anyone at any time. If you are found to have consumed alcohol and operate a vehicle series jail time and fines will be imposed.
Another zero tolerance policy in regards to operating a vehicle is the use of mobile phones. At no time may you answer, make a call or be engaged in a telephone call while driving a vehicle. The only exception to this rule is if you use a hands free or Bluetooth enabled device where your hands are free and you can communicate with your attention on your driving.
Speed and Fees
When traveling through the Czech Republic drivers are required to stop at all pedestrian crossings. The only exception to this is for trains. All drivers are required to stop for all trains since they are given the right of way. When traveling through the Czech Republic speeds of 35 mph in towns and villages is required. This is to ensure the safety of all pedestrians. When in the city however the maximum speed allowed is 55 mph.
Public Transportation
When visiting the Czech Republic visitors may find it useful to take public transportation as well as taxi’s. In the Czech Republic it is very affordable to take a taxi. The price is broken down by kilometer and in US currency is approximately $0.85. One rule of caution though when hailing a taxi, you want to call a taxi company directly and request to be picked up. If you do however find a taxi on the street ensure to get the fare before entering the vehicle. There are some drivers that will take advantage of tourists and even locals. So make sure you protect yourself.
The final transportation method that I will talk about will be the trains and buses. Trains and buses are a great way to travel through the Czech Republic. Their transit system is very well managed and organized. Those running the trains and buses pride themselves on timely arrival and departure times. When traveling through the Czech Republic you will be treated to breathtaking vistas not available anywhere else in the world.
When it comes to traveling through the Czech Republic one has a lot of options. With the safety and wellbeing of all its citizens and tourists the Czech Republic is not only a beautiful place to visit and experience but moving around is easy and enjoyable.