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Jerusalem Synagogue, Prague

The Jerusalem Synagogue in Prague is considered to be the richest synagogue in the world in terms of the treasures it contains. It is the youngest of all the synagogues located in Prague. However, it is the biggest of all synagogues in Prague. This synagogue features a Moorish style. It was built to replace the Zigeuner, Great- Court and New synagogues. Efforts were being made to improve the hygienic conditions in Prague and this is why these synagogues got demolished. The Jerusalem Synagogue came to completion in the year 1906 and this beautiful architecture was made by Wilhelm Stiassny a noted Viennese architect.

Jerusalem Synagogue also referred to as Jubilee Synagogue has undergone a number of renovations since the year 1992. It is a place of worship for the Jewish people but it is also open to all outsiders who would like to visit. Many people who have visited this synagogue agree that it is a very beautiful place to visit. If you think that there is nothing to see in a synagogue, you probably should visit this synagogue.

It is very well decorated and looks resembles catholic baroque. Apart from this, there are so many things you get to learn at this synagogue. If you are interested in the Jewish culture, this is the perfect place to be. There is a wealth of knowledge here and a lot to see, you will surely have a great time learning and seeing the amazing architecture that goes way back in time.

If you are a person who loves art, you will enjoy the Jerusalem Synagogue. It is one of the synagogues in Prague that features some of the best art. When you get to the synagogue, you will notice gallery located on the synagogue’s sides. The gallery is designed in such a way that it appears to have two different entrances which are exclusively for women. Motive of grapevine is used for the purpose of decorating the forefront of the synagogue.

In the front, you will see one of the most incredible things in Jewish history; Moses’ tablets. The amazing thing is that the tablets actually have the Ten Commandments written on them. This is something you are not likely to see every day in just any temple. Christians and lovers of history would really find this to be very remarkable. When the synagogue was being reconstructed, there was a discovery of rare Viennese ornaments that have also been a great attraction for tourists since that kind of art is rare to find especially today.

The address to Jerusalem Synagogue in Prague is Jeruzalémská 1310/7 110 01 Praha 1.
It is open from Monday to Sunday at 11-5p.m. If you have been looking for a place to visit where you get to learn a lot about religion and enjoy amazing historical architecture, there is no better place than Prague.

There are numerous synagogues to see with Jerusalem Synagogue being the largest. You will learn a lot, see a lot and most importantly, you get to see a temple that has been worshipped in for over a hundred years.

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