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Plzen, View of the Great Synagogue from the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, Czech Republic

Journey to Pilsen for a great time and a cold beer

Pilsen is the third largest city in the Czech Republic. It is also the capital of culture in Europe as well as a place for pilgrimage for beer lovers around the world. Located south west of Prague this city was founded at the end of the thirteenth century.

One of the main attractions here in Pilsen is a cathedral that stands in the center of the city. Built in the Gothic style the cathedral has one of the highest bell towers in the entire country. The construction started on this cathedral in the thirteenth century and wasn’t completed until the later years of the seventeenth century.

Behind the cathedral you will find the renaissance town hall. This building was constructed in 1558 and has a picturesque depictions of city rules in various poses as well as lovely gables. In front of the town hall you will find a plague column. The plague came to the city of Pilsen but claimed very few casualties.

In the year 1681 a golden statue of the medina was placed on top of the plague column from the citizen of Pilsen as a reminder of her watchful eye during the plague.

As you walk the streets of the city you will see colorful townhouses. These townhouses frame the magnificent marketplace below. The market place measures an astonishing one hundred and ninety three meters by one hundred and thirty nine meters. This huge marketplace is one of the largest in al of Europe and is the central marketplace for all of the trade for the city.

Also located in the city is the Franciscan monastery. This monastery is one of the oldest and most cherished in the city and was originally constructed for the Mianite order. The monastery holds a lovely museum that displays works of art from the renaissance, Brooke and gothic periods. You will also find sacred collections of art as well.

Also in the monastery you will find many statues of saints form a sensational display. These statues depict the humble life and sacrifice of the monks who lived here.

In the nineteenth century a park was created beneath the shattered city walls below. The park is filled with flowers, trees and fountains which makes it a welcomed attraction for visitors to the city.

For the Jewish community a synagogue was a place of warship. The king of the city granted the Jews the freedom of religion as well as the ability to trade with money. For this privilege however the Jews were forced to pay high taxes and fees. With all of their prosperity and freedoms the Jews were expelled from the city on February 1st 1504. After the end of the Second World War the synagogue fell into disrepair but was reopened in 1998.

Beer Lovers

If you are a beer lover then you will want to visit this city. The Pilsner brewing company is the holy place for many beer drinkers and the brewing methods established here are used by brewing companies al around the world. A historic and majestic entrance to the brewing company is the pride of the city and helps make the city the beer capital of Europe.

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