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Karlovy Vary – spa town famous with celebrities

The town of Karlovy Vary has a rich history, dating back to the 14th century when the town was established on decree of Charles iv. It enjoyed a period of relative peace over the next few years because of the ban on carring weapons and right of asylum. The peace was shattered due to a flood in 1582 which destroyed many of the houses and a fire in 1604 that gutted almost all houses. The Thirty Years War took more toll and it was only in the 18th century that some prosperity returned. During this period the town became known for visits by royalty from different countries. Further prosperity came when the town realized the benefits of using the salts from the hot springs for medicinal uses. This was how the town’s reputation for its spas became entrenched.

Spa tours

The town became popular with celebrities looking for relaxation and rest. Goethe visited the town many times and his bust occupies a prominent spot in the city. You can choose to stay at traditional inns with spas, or you could sign up for spa treatments at separate facilities. Many resorts offer spa treatments under medical supervision so that visitors can gain maximum benefit.


One of the original structures is the Gothic style Castle Tower, built in the 14th century. the castle was destroyed in a fire but the tower still stands, reminding people of past wonders. The tower has undergone renovations over the centuries, and features a lift installed around 100 years ago. The tower is also home to a classy restaurant and an Art Gallery.


The Municipal Theater is located in a historic building built in the later part of the 19th century. the architects were Helmer and Fellner and the paintings were done by the artists Gustav and Ernest Klimt. The frescos and a carefully painted curtain are among the major attractions here. The theater building is also notable for its sculptures, particularly works such as The Muses.

National house

Built over a century ago, the National House exemplified the Art Nouveau style. Originally a hotel the building was soon home to the fashionable set traveling to the spa town for rest and recreation. The hotel housed a club, café, restaurants and a theater hall. It gradually fell out of favor and was renovated in the 1990s.

Peter House

This baroque style house was built in the 18th century and offers a fine example of the part timber architecture that was prevalent during that time. the building was renovated many times, most recently in the 1990s. this is the place where the Tsar of Russia, Peter the Great, is said to have visited during his stay in town. He won people over with his skills at smithy, and helped build the house fronting this building. As such there is a plaque here commemorating his visit.

Butterfly House

The city is famous for its natural beauty. If you love nature, you would want to visit this site, where many butterflies, from the commonplace to the exotic are kept. Some of the butterflies have been brought in from tropical areas.


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