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Krkonoše National Park-diversity of ecosystems

If you are fond of the wilderness and nature, don’t forget to visit the Krkonoše National Park on your trip to the Czech Republic. The park offers plenty of things to explore. Whether you are looking for quiet time in the lap of nature or you are an outdoors person that relishes exciting activities such as hiking difficult slopes, the Krkonoše National Park will oblige you with all types of beautiful and challenging terrain.

If you like change and are not overly fond of never-changing scenery then a tour of the park will be something that dreams are made of. The park consists of diverse terrain ranging from lush meadows to craggy slopes and flat moors, not to mention a bit of glacial formation as well. You would find it difficult to see so many types of landscapes in a span of a few hours anywhere else.

UNESCO designated

The park was officially established in the year 1963 with the aim of preserving this unique territory. In addition to natural wonders, the park also boasts some marvelous man-made structures. For example the park office buildings are housed in a former monastery known for its architectural beauty. Some of the offices are also located in historical buildings, where you can also visit the park museum. The park was included among the list of biosphere reserves issued by UNESCO.

Highest peaks

If you are curious about the mountains in the region, then you would want to know that the Krkonoše National Park is home to the highest mountain range in the country. Your visit would be incomplete without touring Snezka, the highest mountain in the country, rising to a majestic height of more than 100 meters. While the mountain offers a thrilling climb to trekkers, you have the option of reaching the peak by cable car. The views are unparalleled, something to be expected from the highest vantage point in the country.The tall peaks, interspersed with deep valleys, offer plenty of options for explorations and adventure. This is a popular place for those who love winter sports, as the slopes are diverse in the degree of difficulty. Some slopes are gentle and perfect for beginners, others are best tackled only by seasoned skiers. Summertime is when people look forward to touring the mountains on cycles.

Other notable natural attractions

There are plenty of other natural splendors to explore when you are touring the Krkonoše National Park. The first would be the peat bogs, called Cernohorske, which is spread over 70 hectares of land. The place is home to different plants and animals, some of the rare variety, ranging from the mud sedge and cotton sedge to animals such as ground beetles and birds like the bulrush. Another site to visit are the rocks near the former slate quarry, known as the Kovaruv Mill.

If you are fond of heritage monuments, there are castles, mansions, churches and village homes awaiting your visit. The park also offers plenty of facilities for visitors, including resort type complexes for rest and recreation. You can play indoor games, or even relax in a spa, on your tour of the Krkonoše National Park.

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