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Long journey to mountain covered in snow Czech Republic

Mount Snezka – highest mountain in the Czech Republic

Mount Snezka features the highest point in the country. It rises 1603 meters above sea level, and is located in the famous Krkonose range of mountains. From heritage buildings and old chalets to modern ski lifts and resorts, there are plenty of things to visit when you are touring the areas surrounding Mount Sněžka and the mountain itself.

Buildings and monuments

While the rocky, snowy wilderness is the main attraction, you also come across buildings of note during the climb. You can visit the post office, recently opened and popular. It offers visitors the facility of sending a postcard, with a dinstinctive stamp that is proof of your adventures in the mountains. The chapel of St. Lawrence, built of wood, is also a noteworthy feature.

Ski resorts and facilities

The slopes are dotted with ski resorts. Some resorts are glittering and feature the latest amenities for skiers. Places such as the Pec Pod Snezkou, for example, feature the best amenities for skiers, and offers skiing for well over half the year. If you prefer a quiet place to enjoy your time in the snow, try the Penkavci ski facility. For more robust winter sports, complete with amenities of an international scale you would want to visit the Spindlerv Mlyn. This resort offers not just skiing on the slopes but cross country skiing facilities as well. Additionally, you can avail amenities such as the funicular ride or a chair lift to the peak.

Hiking and cycling

You can explore any of the routes leading to the summit be it the Sraml Valley, Pec Pod, or Vyrovka. There are more almost a dozen routes to the summit and chair lifts are also an option. The mountain region offers many nature trails for hikers, which will take you through beautiful valleys and meadows. Another popular activity would be cycling. You can choose a moderately challenging trail or a difficult one. You can reach part of the summit by ski lift or by bus. There is a downhill track for bikes, which offers the adventure of a lifetime for thrill seekers.

Children’s activities

For families these activities are a wonderful opportunity to bond and have a good time. The amusement park at the national park offers an exciting time to visitors. the stainless steel slides, more than 50 meters tall, delight people of all age groups. You can also enjoy a thrilling ride on the zipline. For those who love trampolines, there are sturdy ones that can keep children engaged for hours.


No doubt there are plenty of exciting, sporty outdoor activities for you to undertake at Mount Sněžka. At the end of the day, however, you might want to put your feet up and relax. To help you achieve this, the Horizont Hotel at the national park offers a swimming pool, sauna, and massage.

Educational endevors

The mountains also have eco farms that seek to educate children and the general public about the ecosystem. They are located at Lesni Bouda and the Decinska Bouda.

Nearby attractions

You can travel to the water park in the city of Trutnov, situated a little over 18 kilometers from the park. Another option would be zoo at Labem, 40 kilometers from the park.

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