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Municipal House in Prague Czech Republic

Municipal House in Prague – Art Nouveau wonder

The major attraction of the Municipal House located in the Old Town area of Prague is its Art Nouveau style. As far as age is concerned, this building is not very old, compared to centuries old castles, cathedrals and town squares found in the city. However, the architecture is dazzling, as was the case with Art Nouveau style and tells tales of a time gone by when diplomats, celebrities and people from the high society would gather in these splendid halls to enjoy sophisticated conversations and elegant dinner parties.


The Municipal House was built in 1912. Its location was the same as the former royal palace that once stood on the grounds. Among notable events that have occurred here is the declaration of independence in 1918.

Gate –

The Powder Gate is home to a permanent exhibition depicting photographs by a noted photographer. The structure dates back to the 14th century. Originally a munitions depot, thus the name, the Powder Gate is similar in design to the original Bridge Tower. The gate contains steps inside, enabling visitors to climb to the top and enjoy wonderful views of the outside.

Theater and halls

Today, the area offers many public amenities. It is home to a vast theater, where concerts and other events are routinely organized. The seating capacity of the theater, being extraordinarily large, makes it the perfect venue for important events.

The Smetana Hall features fabulous architecture. You will be charmed by the white and gold décor, done in stone and other material. The décor is strategically lighted up to better highlight the beauty of the design. Another important feature are the frescoes on the wall. The huge marble staircase leading to the hall is a tourist attraction in itself. The Hall is primarily used for classical concerts.

Restaurants and bars

The Municipal House is home to noted restaurants and bars. One of the restaurants serves Czech food, drawn from local culinary traditions, in a relaxed atmosphere. You can put your feet up and relax here, so to speak. Another restaurant offers local and international food and is popular with expatriates and tourists as well as local people looking for an enjoyable evening out.

The premises also have a bar where you can enjoy a relaxed evening drink.

There are plenty of other things to enjoy here, should you be looking for an evening’s entertainment or an afternoon of exploration.

Nearby attractions

A notable attraction for visitors is the Old Town Square, dating back many centuries. The Square is home to many historical monuments including the Astronomical Clock and the Tyn Church. The place is just a short walk away from the Municipal House. Another destination you can visit is the Wenceslas Square, known as the commercial heart of the modern capital. It offers eclectic nightlife, since it is replete with restaurants and nightclubs. It is also home to upscale apartments and shopping complexes.

Getting there

You can take the Metro or tram to the Namesti Republiky. Line B of Metro and the trams 24 and 26 routes will get you there.

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