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Prague, Czech Republic: Interior of National Technical Museum in Prague.

National Technical Museum Prague

The National Technical Museum is the place to head to if you are looking to learn all you can about history of science and technology in the Czech Republic. While students of science and engineering will enjoy the exhibits, even lay persons can easily understand the scientific concepts explained simply in the exhibits. Established in 1908, the Museum aims to educate the public, disseminate knowledge and also conduct research.

Permanent exhibits

Right at the entrance to the museum is a carousel, the oldest of its type in Europe. While this is a major attraction for visitors, and efforts are on to repair the carousel to a functional state, there are plenty of other interesting exhibits that the museum offers. The National Technical Museum offers permanent and temporary exhibits. The permanent exhibits, 14 in number, have been on display since 2013, when the museum was redecorated.

The exhibits are categorized into sections such as Architecture, Construction, Transportation, Printing, Mining, Astronomy, and more. For those interesting in how printing came to be in the country, the Printing exhibit offers glimpses at old-time printing equipment, as well as the type of environment they functioned in. demonstrations on printing techniques are also offered.

Similarly, there are exhibits relating to Photography and Film Videography. One can find vintage cameras on display, as well as the photos that were taken decades ago. A reconstructed photo studio dating 100 years is another attraction for visitors.

The Transportation section of the museum holds the promise of fun, since here, visitors can get familiar with vintage automobiles, trains, and motorcycles. Some of these exhibits have a rich and interesting history and are associated with many feats of wonder, such as the glider of Igo Etrich. Military vehicles are also on display here.

The exhibit in Metallurgy takes one centuries back into time, when iron smelting helped shaped society more than 1000 years ago. The exhibit travels through time until the present era, covering significant points in human history such as Industrial Revolution.

Another fascinating exhibit is to be found in the Astronomy section. One can see reconstructed work studios of renowned astronomers and even look at equipment used for studying the heavenly bodies. In addition to the instruments scientists and astronomers used, the exhibits also include equipment used by maritime navigators, the military, and surveyors.

For those interested in how technology and aesthetics combine, the Architecture and Design exhibits will be worth the visit. While Prague is internationally famous for its beautiful architecture in styles such as Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Art Deco, the exhibits here focus on architectural trends in the 20th century to the modern era.

There are plenty of other things to see at the National Technical Museum. For example, the section Household Appliances not only familiarizes visitors with modern appliances and the fascinating technology that operates them, but also gives a glimpse into the past, when household appliances made chores easier and ushered in a quiet revolution by offering more time for recreation, leisure and work.

Research work

The museum also applies itself to research, including one in the area of preserving cultural artifacts during natural calamities and one on studies relating to aristocracy in Bohemia. The organization’s research is published in the museum journal.

The museum also has a new restaurant, which promises more treats and thrills for visitors to the National Technical Museum, Prague.

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