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National Theatre Prague – inspiring monument dedicated to art

The National Theatre Prague is renowned for its grandeur and beauty. It is also proof of the dedication and perseverance of the people who strove to build this monument. Conceived as a democratic initiative where people across social class contributed to a common cause, the National Theatre stands tall in its artistic splendor and richness, a place that celebrates the cultural and artistic achievements of the land and aims to promote art on a national and global scale. Visitors can enjoy plays, art and music at the theater or explore the vast interiors and different styles of architecture.


The National Theatre does not have a stormy history that older buildings in Prague have. It did however, have its own share of trial and tribulations, which the builders underwent to create a place that could become a focal point for the promotion of arts. When citizens envisioned a location for organizing plays, opera, and other artistic and cultural performances, they had in mind a vast structure that could hold a lot of people.

Donations were sought from all sections of society, and people came forward to help financially and in other ways to build the structure. There were debates over the architectural style but everything was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. The structure first took shape in the mid 19th century. Tragically, before the building could be inaugurated, it was destroyed in a fire. Years of toil and patience were destroyed in a matter of hours.

The undaunted citizens again took up a collection drive to raise funds. This time, the royalty also pitched in. the new building took a couple of years to build, and was formally inaugurated in 1883. It featured state of the art stage equipment, making it one of the most sought after venues for cultural events. Since then the building has seen its share of challenges. After functioning ceaselessly for almost a century, it was closed for renovations in the late 1970s. Reopened in the 1983, it received a grand welcome on its 100th anniversary.

Cultural center

The National Theatre is among the top cultural attractions of the city. The beautiful, vast amphitheatre type stage adds to the charm of the play or opera being performed. The Theatre stages performances relating to ballet, opera and plays. Visitors can get to this place by taking the tram lines 6, 10, 17, 21. The metro rail also services this area, making it easily accessible to tourists. Visitors can also purchase souvenirs and merchandize such as books, calendars, and other items.

Nearby attractions

You may also like to visit Wenceslas Square, located close to the National Theatre. It started as a marketplace in the 14th century, and has seen plenty of significant events down the centuries. Today, this is a busy junction where retail stores, restaurants serve tourists. This is also an important part of the city nightlife, replete with clubs and casinos.

Another nearby destination is the Charles Bridge, known for its row of Baroque statues. The Charles Bridge is among the oldest structures in the city, and stands rock solid and firm despite centuries of use and natural disasters.

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