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Olomouc – Bohemian wonder

The city of Olomouc was once a thriving seat of culture, as oart of Bohemia. It is now home to a UNESCO heritage monument and other Baroque style buildings. the place is also famous for its scenic beauty. For visitors, the laidback charm of the town is something to savor.


The town is home to some notable medival churches. For visitors looking to savor the glory of medieval architecture, this is the perfect place to tour. There are clusters of churches, such as the St. Wenceslas which is almost 1000 years old. It used to be an important seat of spiritual power in Moravia.

St. Michaels Church is another important stopover on the tour. It offers attractions such as an old pipe organ, one of the largest in Europe. The dungeons are also worth visiting, but not for the fainthearted.

The site also features a spring that contributed to the growth of the city, and was a backbone of the economy for many centuries.

Perhaps the most well known building in the city is the Holy Trinity Column. This massive column is so large that it was once visible from far out the city borders. It is also wide enough to accommodate a church within.

The main square is where you find some notable attractions other than the Holy trinity column. You can find things such as the astronomical clock, known for its mechanical workmanship. Astronomical clocks were once the wonder of the medieval world and today, they attract flocks of tourists eager to look at the mosaics and artwork. It is to be noted that the clock on Olomouc was renovated during the Communist regime and thus marks days such as the birthday of Stalin and Lenin. Additionally it offers elaborate displays each hour, and helps mark the passage of weeks, months and seasons. It also offers information on the current zodiac phase. The clock is also known to play music at noon.


The town is known for its vibrant culture. If you are visiting during summer or fall, you can expect the chance to be able to attend or watch different festivals and performances. Bars, cafes and other attractions form part of the charm of the place. In addition to good food, visitors can also look forward to live bands, particularly jazz bands.


If you are in Olomouc, don’t forget to try the range of cuisine on offer. Beer bars are particularly popular with tourists owing to the plethora of breweries selling their beer through their own outlets. For those who want to learn more about local wines, a tour of the wineries would be recommended.

One of the most famous products of Olomouc is the local cheese, known for its sharp aroma. Then there is chocolate to be had at the famous Café 87.

Seasoned travelers recommend visiting this city, for its culture and hospitable people. Also, since this city is not widely known on the tourist circuit yet, it is not too crowded and visitors can enjoy a pleasant stay and take their time to explore the local culture.


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