Prague Astronomical Clock – mechanical wonder

Prague Tourist Attractions

People of all age groups have, over the centuries, marveled at the workmanship and working of the Prague Astronomical Clock. Built in the Middle Ages, by a legendary clockmaker by the name of Hanus, the historic landmark remains a mechanical wonder that delights with its march of apostles and other …

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Charles Bridge Popular historic landmark

The Charles bridge is one of the major landmarks in Prague. The bridge, constructed in the 14 th century by emperor Charles IV is close to other prominent historic buildings of the city, and this makes it a popular destination for tourists. It was built over the river Vltava and …

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The Czech Republic is a beautiful landlocked county and is located in moderate geographical latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. Generally, this country’s climate and weather can be termed as temperate and continental.

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Weekends and Holidays

Travel Republic Holidays

Enjoying the Down Time – Czech Weekend and Holidays, Be Prepared When living in or visiting the Czech Republic one will want to wind down and take a break. Just like elsewhere in the world the Czech Republic works a nine to five, five day a week work schedule. Getting …

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Transportation in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic Travel Guide

Getting Around, The Best Ways to Experience the Czech Republic If you are one who likes to travel then you will defiantly want to consider taking a trip to the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is filled with beautiful rolling hills, lush greenery and breath taking sights that will keep …

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