Christmas markets in Prague

Have you always admired the scenes from the Christmas cards that you receive each year? If you do then you have the chance to see and experience a magical Christmas such as the ones you have always admired from the cards. This can be possible if you book cheap flights …

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The 10 Best Museums in Prague

Prague can be called the city of museums and art galleries, as they form an important part of the city’s culture. These museums cover all kinds of themes, from history, culture , art, religion, science, politics to narrower topics such as toys, cuisine, magic, and famous people. Here are some …

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Jerusalem Synagogue, Prague

Amazing Places In Czech Republic

The Jerusalem Synagogue in Prague is considered to be the richest synagogue in the world in terms of the treasures it contains. It is the youngest of all the synagogues located in Prague. However, it is the biggest of all synagogues in Prague. This synagogue features a Moorish style. It …

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10 Must See Attractions in Prague

Prague Tourist Attractions

The magical Central European city of Prague attracts millions of visitors each year to its ancient castles, cathedrals, museums, galleries, and cinemas. Prague has been an inspiration to artists, poets, and authors for generations, and after a few days wandering its streets, you’ll see why! With so much to do …

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What to see in Pilsen


Pilsen (Plzen in Czech) is the fourth largest city in The Czech Republic. It is the administrative center of the Plzen Region; one of the 14 administrative regions of this country that lies in the heart of Europe. The West Bohemia, Radbuza, Mze, Uslava and Ohlava rivers all flow into …

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Rudolfinum A Place Of Music Lovers

Travel Republic

About Rudolfinum If you are visiting Prague, the capital of Czech Republic for the first time, you must be quite unsure about the nearest tourist destinations across this city. Among the various local tourist destinations, Rudolfinum can be an ideal choice for anyone to give a visit at any time. …

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Prague National Gallery

If you love art or you just want to learn more about Prague, Czech Republic, all you need to do is visit the exhibits of the Prague National Gallery. Here, you can enjoy a relaxed afternoon going through the various exhibits. The Prague National Gallery is an important part of …

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John Lenon Wall

Travel Czech Republic

John Lennon is the co-founder of the most successful band in the world, the Beatles. After his death on December 8, 1980, he was considered a pacifist hero for the Czech Republic’s youth. An intricately made image of him was painted by an artist on an ordinary wall which has …

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