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Petřín Lookout Tower

When it comes to taking a trip to Prague you have to make the observation tower in Petrin your first stop.  The tower itself is only 60 Meters high which in itself doesn’t sound like a large structure to observe from but in the tower is built upon one of the highest points in Prague making it perfect for getting a bird eye view of the world below.

Petrin Lookout Tower

Built in the year 1891 for the Jubilee Exhibition the observation tower was designed as a miniature version of the Isle Tower in Paris. The observation tower has an amazing two hundred and ninety nine steps to the top which can be a little bit of a workout for those looking to reach the top, and quite honestly can be a little scary walking up the spiral staircase, but once you reach the top of the tower you will not be disappointed.


When reaching the top of the tower you will have an awe inspiring view that will just take your breath away.  Gazing down like a god you will see all of Prague and the surrounding countryside. If traveling in the colder months you will see white blankets of snow shimmering the tops of churches, cathedrals and along the banks of the rivers.

If climbing to the top is not your thing but you still want to enjoy the wondrous views the observation tower has to offer then you will want to spend your time in the observation deck that is located at the base of the tower.  From the observation deck you can still view the countryside from the safety and comfort of the ground.

Also on the ground you will be able to visit an onsite church as well as stroll through manicured gardens.  Taking your family or a loved one the stroll through the gardens can be a life changing experience as you take in all of the surrounding beauty.  A hall of mirrors is also available to explore and enjoy as you visit the observation towers. When visiting the towers you will want to bring a small bit of money with you since some of the options are not free.  This fee is used to help maintain the tower and the grounds. At only a few crowns it is well worth the visit.

When traveling to Prague I strongly suggest that you make the observation towers one of your first stops. When visiting the towers you will be able to see everything in one viewing as well as plan out the rest of your trip. Guides are also available on site to give you a history lesson as well as point out some of the best places to visit on your travels.

Charles Bridge from Petrin
Charles Bridge from Petrin Lookout Tower

When visiting the observation towners make sure that you take your time, close your eyes as well as keep them open to enjoy the views and the memories of your visit to this amazing city.

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