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Prague Botanical Garden, Fata Morgana Greenhouse

Visitors to Prague are enchanted by the architectural wonders of the city, some dating back more than 1000 years. They also find themselves absorbed in exploring the parks and other natural wonders of the city. Among the green areas that are popular with visitors, the Prague Botanical Gardens deserve a special mention. With different outdoor attractions and a diversity of gardens present at the venue, the visitor is spoiled for choice. The grounds are categorized into sections, with Fata Morgana Greenhouse forming a major section in addition to Northern Grounds and Southern Grounds.


The Prague Botanical Garden, Fata Morgana greenhouse is notable for its S shaped design. The natural rocky terrain is the base for creating the layering of vegetation that the greenhouse is famous for. Spread over 1500 square meters, the greenhouse offers different climatic conditions and vegetations. The detailed engineering that went into artificially creating and maintaining the different temperature and humidity levels in the greenhouse is worth a mention.


You can start the tour by exploring dry climatic conditions, reminiscent of the deserts of Africa and South America and the hardy plants that grow under such conditions.

The next section takes the visitor to an entirely different type of habitat – the tropical rainforests. The visitor reaches here from the first section via an ingeniously built tunnel. This area also has two aquariums that display life in rivers and fresh water habits. The plants here have been brought from rain forests in South America, Africa, South East Asia, and Australia.

The last section of the greenhouse educates visitors on the habitat of high altitude regions. Here, the cold temperatures sustain plants brought from Andes and Alpine mountain ranges. Also present are plants from Asia and Africa. This section is also home to rare plants called the Tepui.

Other attractions

The Prague Botanical Garden also has other sections that you can explore, after you have gone through the Fata Morgana greenhouse. The Southern Grounds is famous for the Japanese Garden. This garden contains two sections; the first devoted to landscaping and the second exhibiting plants, some of them rare, found in East Asia. As such, visitors can feel what it is like to view bamboo groves, or to take a walk through the calming environments of East Asian gardens. Another notable attraction is St. Clair’s Vineyard, dominated by a chapel. Dating back to more than 800 years, the vineyard and associated wine producing sections are of great interest to visitors. There are displays of all the types of wines produced in the country. Visitors can also buy souvenirs and gifts at the store, stocked with different types of wine.

Northern Grounds section is primarily devoted to the Peony Meadow. As the name suggests, here, visitors can find plants found in summertime meadows in Europe, America, and Asia. Conifers, woody flora and grasslands are also represented here. The highlight is perhaps the Peony flowers growing in profusion in the meadows. The bog, made of peat, with a surrounding pond is also an important point of interest.

You can visit the greenhouse and the open air exhibits via public transport. Those using the metro would need to disembark at Nadrazi Holesovice and take a bus to the venue. Those using bus transport can rely on routers 102, 112 and 144.

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