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Prague National Gallery

If you love art or you just want to learn more about Prague, Czech Republic, all you need to do is visit the exhibits of the Prague National Gallery. Here, you can enjoy a relaxed afternoon going through the various exhibits. The Prague National Gallery is an important part of the country’s cultural landscape; however, it also offers relative quiet for you to enjoy a gentle afternoon of study and exploration. The exhibits are located in different buildings and you will enjoy learning not just about art but also exploring heritage buildings.


The National Gallery was established in the late 18th century. This was a democratic process since noted scholars, artists, nobility and even common people of the time contributed to the setting up of the gallery. In addition to the artworks permanently on display, the organization also hosts temporary exhibits and offers a venue for many cultural events. The displays offer a place where you can enjoy wandering around, looking at the many works of art collected over the centuries. The exhibits are located in different historical locations and are managed by the National gallery.

Sternberg Palace

This venue is home to an exhibit on ancient and medieval art in Europe. Students of art history and even laypersons will love to learn more about art in days gone by. Notable works include those by Rubens, Rembrandt, and Ribera. Very few venues offer so many types of art styles displayed under one roof, so this might be your chance to become familiar with different types of art, or just take a look at world famous works by some of the greatest artists ever known.

Schwarzenberg Palace

Here you will see the best of Baroque art. The masters of this art style such as Kupecky, and von Aachen make their presence felt with their works. In addition to paintings you will also be able to see other types of artwork featuring the Baroque style.

Fairgrounds Palace

Art Nouveau took the world by storm in the 19th century. One of its most important practitioners, Alfons Mucha, is enshrined here in form of his work Slav Epic. Other artists of the Art Nouveau school are also featured. The venue also hosts works by notable impressionists particularly from France.

Veletrzni Palace

This location is home to permanent exhibits depicting modern art from the country. The art styles belong to the 20th century, and some French artists are also feature. In addition to displaying paintings, art such as furniture, design, and stage is also explored. For those who want to look at the impact that political events of the last century had on art, this would be a good place to visit.

In addition to finding information on artistic styles, visiting these exhibits would also give you a chance to explore the historic monuments where the artworks are housed. From magnificent palaces to convents and modern buildings, the exhibits will take you through some of the most renowned city landmarks. If you are also planning to travel outside Prague you can visit some additional exhibits by the National Gallery. These are located in Karvina and another city.

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