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Rudolfinum A Place Of Music Lovers

About Rudolfinum

If you are visiting Prague, the capital of Czech Republic for the first time, you must be quite unsure about the nearest tourist destinations across this city. Among the various local tourist destinations, Rudolfinum can be an ideal choice for anyone to give a visit at any time. It is a famous & well-popular center of attraction by numerous tourists and local residents of Prague.

It is an important architectural monument of the city. The historical neo-Renaissance building is located on the bank of the river, Vl­ta­va. This place is one of the city’s finest concert halls and a magnet for lovers of architecture, art, and classical music. Even, it is the home of the famous Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. You will enjoy recitals of music from the repertoires of prominent composers, for example, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonín Dvořák. It is considered as one of finest venue to visit during Autumn and Spring Music Festivals and other special events.

Rudolfinum -Inside the building

The opulent decorations of the interior and the brilliant elegant artwork will definitely gratify, enchant, and fascinate your mind. You will also discover an extensive series of gallery rooms and sumptuous ceremonial halls decorated with contemporary & artistic furniture.

Rudolfinum – Inside The Gallery

You will be delighted to see some thought-provoking collections of modern art. There will be loads of attractive photography and historical sculpture throughout the gallery.

The History Behind Rudolfinum

Inaugurated in the year 1885, Rudolfinum, the famous destination of Prague, has an impressive, interesting & rich history. It was formerly used as a cultural center and concert hall. But during the period of the early 20th century, the historical building became the legislative seat of the reputed Czechoslovak Parliament.

During the Second World War, the place operated as a German-occupied governmental building. Fortunately, in the year 1946, the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra returned back after a prolong absence. Since then, it has become an important center for the collections of arts, classical music, and sophisticated architecture. Moreover, Rudolfinum has a dignified & majestic neo-Renaissance designing pattern created by the eminent Czech architects Josef Zítek Josef Schulz.

Why Should You Visit Rudolfinum?

The eminent historical place of Prague, Rudolfinum, really holds a historical background, rich legacy, diverse cultural aspects, and a marvelous architecture. Being more than 100 years old, Rudolfinum provides a solid significance to its tourists and that’s why you must consider heading to this place at least once. The top five reasons for visiting this attractive historical place is listed below :

1.If you admire art exhibitions, or you love to enjoy classical music performances – then the famous Czech Philharmonic Orchestra & the numerous concert halls of Rudolfinum will be a perfect choice for you.

2.If you love architecture, or you are interested in Czech’s historical values & aspects – then Rudolfinum is the place to fascinate your mind. Being one the oldest monuments of Prague, this place surely has many significant historical perspectives.

3.Exterior & Interior : The neo-renaissance exterior design of this building is much pleasant & wonderful. Whereas, the interior has plentiful & unique decorations to captivate your mind.

4.A Unique Tourist Destination : Whether you are a first time visitor, or you are a local resident of Prague, this tourist destination is completely unique, unconventional, and totally distinctive from other vacation destinations.

5.A Place To Visit During Music Festivals : Nowadays Rudolfinum is so famous because of hosting various concerts during Prague’s Autumn and Spring Music Festivals, special events, special receptions, and other social events etc.

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