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St. Nicholas Cathedral

The cathedral stands along with former Jesuit house the professional middle or epicenter of the Lesser Town Square.  St. Nicholas cathedral is a leading example of the advanced architecture of the Baroque period. Everyone who comes to the cathedral is amazed by its size and monumentally conceived interior.  The most important and possibly the most distinctive landmark of the city, together with Prague Castle of course, St. Nicholas Cathedral is a must see for all religious faiths.

When entering the cathedral you will soon feel as if you are truly in the house of God.  Surrounded by ornate architecture, stained glassed windows, and countless religious artifacts one can spend hours just vesting in the house of the lord.

If you want to have a tour of the church it will cost you 70 czh.  This is a decent price considering history and splendor of the church.  If you are interested you can come and listen to concerts at the church as well. Prices for the concerts start at 100 CZH and will last about an hour.

Making itself not only a social venue but a house of worship as well the St. Nicholas Cathedral is a must see and place to visit on your trip to Prague.  When you enter the church you will instantly feel a warmth and welcoming feeling.  This is a welcomed feeling for anyone far from home.  

When visiting the cathedral for mass however you will want to be there early. Mass starts promptly on Sunday at 20:30 hours and fills up quickly.  During mass you will be expected to hear the world of the lord and respect all who have attended.

After attending church you will be nearby a slew of additional landmarks and historic venues.  Taking your time to really kick back and take in Prague should start with the visit to the cathedral. It is here you can really center yourself and find your direction before entering the rest of the city.

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