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Old Town Square in Prague Czech Republic

Travel back in time when traveling to the Old Town Square

When visiting Prague there are going to be countless wonders and experiences that you will talk about for years to come. One of these such experiences will be the moment you step into the old town square in Prague.

When entering into the square you will instantly feel as if you have stepped back in time. Painstakingly preserved the old town square feels as if you are visiting Prague of six or seven hundred years past.  The old town square is one of two major squares that you can visit in Prague.  The second square is only a five minute walk away and is worth visiting as well.

As you take your first steps into the square you will be instantly overtaken by the ancient churches and buildings that encompass you.  Buildings built in the Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic styles give you a warm feeling as you enter the central marketplace of the square. Before you enter the main square however, you will want to take your time to peek into the windows of each surrounding building, since the earliest was constructed in the twelfth century and are filled with countless untold stories begging to be told.

As you reach the center of the square you will encounter state of Jan Hus.  Jan Hus was the leader of Prague over five hundred years ago. This reformers influence helped bring victory to the people of Prague during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries during the Hussite wars.  Built on July 6th 1915 this statue is a must see during your visit to the Old Town Square.

After taking in your initial walking tour of the square you will want to take a break and sit down at one of the road side cafes that line the square.  It is here you can get a relaxing cup of coffee or a cold beer and watch the people as they explore the wonder that the square has to offer.

When visiting Prague the old town square will be your central point for all the culture and beauty Prague has to offer.  Make sure to get there early before the crowds begin to arrive.  And be sure to carefully explore those hidden streets and out of the way places you may encounter.  You never know what treasures and wonders you may encounter on your trip to the old town square.

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