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Czech Republic Travel Guide

Traveling the Charles Bridge One Step at a Time

When traveling you will come across a lot of historical landmarks and places of interest. One of the coolest places in the Czech republic is the Charles Bridge.  The Charles Bridge was originally constructed in the year 1357 under the rule of Charles IV over the famous Vltava River.   The bridge was completed at the start of the fifteenth century and was the only means of travel across the river until the 1800’s replacing the old Judith bridge that was constructed in 1158.

Originally called “The Stone Bridge” the bridge was renamed in the year 1870.  As the only means of transportation between the Prague castle and the old town areas the Charles bridge became a pivotal role in the creation of a trade route between Eastern and Western Europe.

When the bridge was finally completed it measured an impressive 621 meters or 2.037 feet long and 10 meters or 33 feet wide.  The bridge rests upon sixteen arches which are protected by statues of ice guards protecting the city from invaders.

Three bridge towers mark the path of the bridge.  As you travel the bridge you will see one on the Lesser Quarter and the third on the Old Town side of the bridge.  The towers are considered by many to be one of the most astonishing displays of construction in the civil gothic style.

As you travel the bridge make sure you take your time and enjoy all of the glorious views of the city.  As you travel you may feel a little weary of those around you.  The bridge can become quite congested with tourists pushing their way through the crowds trying to find the perfect view of the city.

You will also find that the bridge has many vendors along its path offering a wide range of products, services and food stuff.  The aroma of traditional Czech cuisine may tempt your whistle but you will want to wait until you enter the city to find a place to eat.

When traveling the bridge you will also want to keep an eye on your purse and wallets.  The bridge is famous for pickpockets and thieves taking the money of unsuspecting travelers as they make their way across.  Other than these few precautions your trip across the Charles bridge should be a very enjoyable one.

The best time to travel the bridge

Since the bridge is so long and is the gateway into and out of the city it is a perfect place to watch the sun rise and set.  Walking hand in hand with the one you love, gazing down into the water as the sun rises and sets on this amazing city you can’t but wonder why you haven’t visited this city before or why you would want to ever leave.

So when taking your vacation in the Czech Republic make sure to plan your events accordingly and make enough time to really take in all the beauty and wonder you can find when traveling the Charles Bridge.

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