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The world is in a constant state of flux. With new countries and borders being built and destroyed on almost a daily basis. With this change in climate and structure the prime minister and other leaders of the Czech Republic have decided to change the name of the Czech Republic to Czechia.

Changing the identity of the Czech Republic

With this move the newly named country will be able to rebrand its image to the world.

The decision to make this change came about widely because many who visited the country or were asked about it weren’t even able to pronounce the name of the country, knew little to nothing about it and as a result was not considered to be a key player in the world’s economy and tourism market.

Before the country can be renamed however the name and other legal measures must be approved by the united nations. Once this is approved the new name will be Czechia but also referred as the Czech Republic as its official long name. Similar to US for the United States.

Deciding on the name

When it came to deciding on the name the citizens of the Czech Republic found it a difficult task. The word “Cesko” was considered since it was a word used by many of the citizens of the country. This term can find its origins dating back to the eighteenth century but was considered by many as being too old fashioned to work in the twenty first.

Another option that was discussed was “Cechy” which was a bohemian word used in certain parts of the country but not all. As a result of not covering the voices of all in the Czech Republic this option was also rejected.

In 1993 the word “Czechia” was suggested as the new name of the Czech Republic. This too raised concerns by many and the name was shelved until 2013 when President Milos Zeman started to refer to the Czech Republic with this name in a visit to Israel.

The Civic Initiative Czechia began to bring popularity to the term in 1997 when they started a Facebook page as well as an English web site that was used to promote the name and make it a standard in the lives of the Czech people.

Ever since its conception the web site and Facebook page have helped to drive tens of thousands of likes and followers to the idea of the name change. With this surge of support the name has officially been chosen as the name for the Czech Republic.

Once approved officially the name will be submitted to the United Nations geographical names database. Once approved here the name will become the official name of the Czech Republic and can be used on all short forms and documents pertaining to the Czech Republic. However, the Czech Republic will still remain the official long name of the country and still be recognized around the world.

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Changing the identity of the Czech Republic
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