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Hotel Ungelt – Royal Residence Ungelt

Prague is a wonderful place to visit.  When coming to Prague you will be surrounded by history, art, culture and a way of life that will bring you back to the age of kings and queens.  However, once this fun, enjoyment and nightlife begins to take a toll on your body, you will want to have a nice and comfortable place to lay your head and this is the unglet hotel.

When you enter the hotel you will be greeted by fun and energetic staff that will tend to your every need. As you walk through the halls of the hotel you will be surrounded by art, culture and a warm inviting feeling.

Hotel Ungelt – The Rooms

The Ungelt offers a nice selection of rooms.  These rooms can accommodate a single occupant or a small family comfortably.

Beer Spa

One of the most talked about amenities of the hotel is the beer spa.  Now, you don’t get to bathe yourself in beer, but you do get to sit in a private location in the bar and sample some of the greatest tasting beer you will ever find in Prague.

Easy Access to the City

When booking your stay at the hotel you will have easy access to all of the highlights the city of Prague has to offer.  In the lobby you will be presented with a wide assortment of brochures as well knowledgeable guides that will tell you the best places to go, eat and get the most out of your visit to the fine city.

When it comes to staying at the hotel there is no place better to come.  The rooms are clean, the people are friendly and if you ever wanted to stay in a castle like environment this is going to be the hotel choice for you.  So come and stay awhile at the Unglet Hotel.  We’ll leave a light on.

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