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Prague Castle
View of the Lesser Bridge Tower of Charles Bridge in Prague (Karluv Most) the Czech Republic. This bridge is the oldest in the city and a very popular tourist attraction

Your visit to the Prague Castle

If you are a lover of history as well as old wondrous castles then you will want to ensure you visit the Prague castle on your visit to Prague. The Prague Castle is the most visited and most anticipated sight to visit in Prague. Measuring five hundred and seventy (570) meters long and one hundred and twenty eight (128) meters wide this castle is just a must see.

When visiting the castle you will be greeted by two battling titans posed in battle atop the entry way into the castle.  Once inside you will have access to a wide variety of sights which include:

  • A Place where the rulers of Prague once made law
  • Three magnificent churches where you can go and learn about the religious culture of Prague
  • Royal stables where you can engage with horses and learn more about the rich culture and traditions of Prague
  • And a monastery where religious secs once came together in warship

If all of these sights were not enough the entire castle is surrounded manicured gardens filled with plants and flowers that just add the most amazing visual ascetics to the castle.

Getting to the Prague castle

When visiting Prague there are several ways that you can get to the caste.  The fist in the list is probably the most favorite of those who visit Prague. This is to walk the Charles Bridge. When you walk the Charles Bridge you are able to see the entire city of Prague from all directions.  It is a wonderful walk and is highly recommended as your way to first experience the castle.

The second option is to take the metro.   This is a good way to go but you will also have about a ten minute walk to the castle which isn’t bad, but if you want to walk why not take the bridge.

The final way is to take the number twenty two tram.  This tram takes you throughout the entire city of Prague and for those who don’t want to walk but still want to have an amazing view of the city should take this option.  Now, this tram runs about every five minutes and is not free.  You will need to pay a few dollars for a ticket.

Visiting the Prague castle

When visiting the castle you will want to visit the cathedral first. The cathedral closes at 4:40 PM so if you are looking to experience the cathedral you will want to get in early.

Buying a Ticket

When visiting the castle they will want you to purchase a ticket.  The prices for the tickets range from 250 CZH to 700 CZH. However most people who lived in Prague stated that they have never purchased a ticket and have seen the entire castle.  So, when visitng take your time and you can take it all in for free.

The Golden Lane

The Golden Lane is another great area of the castle that you will want to explore.  However there is a fee of ten euros to get in until five PM.  After five it is free so plan your day accordingly.

When visiting the castle take your time and really budget your money.  There will be times that you can still see everything and not fall into the tourist trap.  Enjoy your day and have fun storming the castle.

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