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Czech Republic

Vysehrad – high mounted castle

One of the most prominent features of the Vysehrad castle complex in Prague would be its strategically selected location, probably to deter enemies and keep it safe from floods. Thanks to the vantage point it offers, you can see much of the city from the heights. The view is therefore one of the reasons to visit this castle. Many guide books recommend viewing the city from the heights at evening, however, this might be a little difficult for people not familiar with the grounds.


The estate surrounding the castle is no less charming. Visitors enjoy this walk through the park around the castle. The lush green grounds, and on a fair day, the beautiful sunlight, makes for a peaceful idyllic experience. The Park is also home to thickets of trees, making the walk more enjoyable. Notable features include the Devils Stone and the Baths, which are remnants from a former structure that stood at the site. The entrance to the park offers clues to the marvels of waiting inside. The imposing gate, made of brick, is tall and offers an entrance through the walls surrounding the estate. Also notable is a well, centuries old, covered diligently to protect against weather and grime.

Church of St Peter and Paul

Nothing can describe the magnificence of the architecture as much as this building. It follows the dominant Gothic style of architecture that buildings in Prague are renowned for. Built almost 800 years ago, the church was commissioned by Vratislav II. Though not as great in importance as the venues in the Prague Castle, the church has seen important events in history, and been a place for felicitating lesser nobility and prince and princesses.

St. Martin Rotunda

This is one of the notable structures on the grounds. The structure is almost 800 years old. This is also a place likely to excite fans of mystery, as it features an underground chamber that was hidden from the knowledge of people for many hundreds of years.


If you are planning to pay respect to some of the most renowned citizens of the country, from times gone by, a visit to the Vysehrad Cemetery would be useful. Here, you find the tombs of people such as Alfonse Mucha and Anton Dvorak, among other greats. The cemetery is also renowned for its design, particularly the roman style elements visible in the architecture.

Getting there

If you are using the Metro you would need to reach the Vysehrad station. From there, you would need to walk through the K Rotunda and pass along the Church of Peter and Paul. The Tram will take you to Albertov, if you use routes 7 or 8.

There are plenty of other reasons you would want to visit the area. Like most other notable destinations in Prague, the estates offer magnificent views during the autumn season and indeed, for most of the year. As the green leaves turn to red, or the trees shed leaves in preparation for oncoming winter, the park becomes a place for contemplation and quiet.

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