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Vysehrad the upper castle in Prague

When traveling through Prague you will want to take a day and visit the Vysehrad.  The Vysehrad is the oldest fort located in Prague.  Originally constructed in the tenth century the fort was used for a wide range of different purposes from a residence for kings to a training facility for the thirty year wars.

When visiting the fort you will be surrounded by additional historic landmarks that will deserve your time.  These locations are:

  • Building of directory NKP Vyšehrad
  • Church of Decollation of St. John The Baptist
  • Gorlice
  • Medallion to geologist prof. Krejčí
  • Medieval Well
  • Monument to Provost V. Štulc
  • Open-air theatre
  • Remains of The Portal ot The Baroque Armoury
  • Remains of the Špička (“Peak”) Gate
  • Remains of The walls of The Romanesque stone bridge
  • Sculptural groups by J. V. Myslbek
  • Slavín (Pantheon)
  • St Martin’s Rotunda
  • St. Sebastian
  • Stone statue of St Ludmilla
  • The Baths of Libuše
  • The Brick (Prague) Gate
  • The Capitular Church of SS Peter & Paul
  • The Chapel of Our Lady of the Ramparts
  • The Devil’s Pillar
  • The Early Romanesque Basilica of St Lawrence and the pre-Romanesque buildings
  • The house of Popelka Biliánová
  • The Jedlička Institute
  • The Leopold Gate
  • The New Deanery
  • The New Provost’s Residence
  • The Old Burgrave’s Residence
  • The old deanery
  • The Old Provost’s Residence
  • The Tábor Gate
  • The Vyšehrad Casemates
  • The Vyšehrad Cemetery
  • The Vyšehrad Gallery
  • Wayside shrines

As you travel the grounds you will be surrounded by well manicured lawns and gardens, an assortment of wild birds and small creatures as wel as the sweet aroma of local flowering plants.  When visiting Prague the Vysehrad will be the perfect place to take your children or young adults for a great day out or for a little bit of culture and historic education.

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