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Wallenstein Garden – lifelike sculptures and perfect layout

The Wallenstein Garden is famous for its elaborate design and vast area. Enclosed by a wall, the garden features not just exotic plants but also is the setting for the opulent palace on the premises. The palace and the gardens were built by the Albert of Wallenstein, the general of king Ferdinand II. The spacious complex houses not one but seven gardens, in addition to the palace, as well as 25 houses for palace officials.

Over the course of the centuries, the garden has seen a lot of renovation. In particular, the garden has been renovated once in the 19th century and later, in 1955 and 1965. The renovations in the 1980s were carried out by Jana Tupa. In 2001, the garden was renovated by the architects Vaclav Dvorak and Zdenek Sendler.


Ingenious use of art in natural spaces has helped create an otherworldly atmosphere at the gardens. The areas surrounding the palace are famous for their frescoes. In particular the frescoes with themes from Greek mythology and legends are known for their detailed workmanship. The original frescoes, dating to the 17th century, were damaged in a fire, and were renovated many times in later centuries. The decor of the artificial island on premises deserves a special mention. Here, the visitor can see a fountain, with a replica of the famous statue of Venus and Cupid by the 16th century artist Wurzelbauer. For more sculptural delights, one can visit replicas of statues with themes from Greek legends, created in the 17th century by Adrian De Vries.


The gardens have also hosted many notable cultural events. It was the stage for a play by Schiller, and venue for the Prague Baroque exhibition. Even in the present times, it is a famous venue for many plays and musical concerts. The garden is also home to an art gallery, formerly a stable. Since its inauguration in the 1950s, the gallery has held many exhibitions.


The cave is another noteworthy feature of the Wallenstein Garden. Featuring artificial stalactites, built from lime, the cave is also notable for its artwork. In particular, a mural that beautifully brings to life the story of the Argonauts is a must-see.

Flora and fauna

Any mention of a garden would be incomplete without discussing the plant life there. The Wallenstein Garden is famous for its flower beds. The zoo on the premises offers exciting times for bird lovers. It features all sorts of birds and those who love colorful, exotic avian species will enjoy a visit to this place.


The garden is famous for its artificial features made to resemble actual natural features. One of these works of art is a pond, complete with a tiny island. The pond was once a place where the aristocracy enjoyed boating and is associated with the early days of steamboat design.

The Wallenstein Garden tops the list for many visitors to Prague, eager to see not just the vast, ornate buildings, but also the green spaces the city is famous for. The garden, with its Baroque architecture, stands proof that even the most elaborate buildings need perfectly synced surroundings to add to their charm.

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