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Wax Museum Prague

Wax Museum Prague

When you think of a wax museum, Prague isn’t a place that immediately springs to mind. This is because this European city is famous for a variety of other things. The culture is amazing and easy to get lost in. The architecture is a character all on its out. And the natural landscapes leave you breathless and in awe.

But, there is just such a museum in this wonderful Czech city, and after you have visited this wax museum, Prague will definitely have a new appeal for you!An Impressive Layout!

This museum isn’t just home to celebrities. It is an interesting mix of artists, heroes, Chechen historical figures, and of course, celebrities. With this wax museum, Prague attempts to give you a snapshot of its history, as seen through the wax eyes of people who forged this history. You will come face to face, not with just the people who made a positive contribution to European history, but you will also come face to face with some of the villains of the past.

Czech History

In the first part of the museum, which covers several floors, your will be introduced to figures from Czech history such as Rudolf II and Charles IV. In another section of the wax museum, Prague introduces you to cultural and political greats. The Good Soldier Schweik is one not to be missed.

As you move though the museum, you come upon an entire floor dedicated to artists and athletes, both Czech and foreign. Many major world figures are housed on this floor, and you will be flashing your camera countless times as you try to capture moments with some of these icons, both living and dead. The Dalai Lama looks so realistic, in fact, that if you capture the photograph at just the right angle, you can tell your friends that you bumped into him on a quick stopover to Nepal!

Yes, this is a lie, but it will be a very believable one. This city, as with most others in Old Europe, has exceptional cultural museums. With the wax museum, Prague has added a type of cultural experience that will leave you with a sense of wonderment of the Alice In Wonderland variety!

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