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Karlin Musical Theatre

Karlin Musical Theatre is the third oldest theatre in Prague. It was constructed in 1881 and in the early years it served as a circus arena, with benches, where various shows had taken place. Later on it was adapted as a place where a variety of shows were performed, like …

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Hybernia Theatre

Hybernia Theatre Prague

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and is one of the most visited cities in Europe. It is known all over the world for its galleries, museums and theatres. Hybernia Theatre is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Prague. Plenty of people visit here to experience the …

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Estates Theatre

The Estates Theatre in Prague

The Estates Theatre is the home of three magical art forms, opera, ballet, and drama.  It is here you can experience all that Prague has to offer in the form of live entertainment.  Annexed by the National Theater in 1948 the Estates Theatre has been able to take on a …

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National Theatre in Prague

Originally conceived of in 1844 but not constructed to the beginning of 1866 the National theatre in Prague is a collaboration of the arts, culture and heritage of the city of Prague.  The original construction was granted permission by the Prague Government to open an independently funded and operated cultural …

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Exhibition: JKOK Infinity of Jan Kaplický

Jan Kaplicky poster

Jan Kaplicky was a gifted and truly artistic creator of his times. His works often displayed immense creative skill and an intentional thought process that wowed both colleagues and art lovers. It is due to this reason that the dancing house gallery in collaboration with Prague city property management saw it …

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