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The Estates Theatre in Prague
The Estates Theatre in Prague. The shot was taken in sunny day.

Estates Theatre

The Estates Theatre is the home of three magical art forms, opera, ballet, and drama.  It is here you can experience all that Prague has to offer in the form of live entertainment.  Annexed by the National Theater in 1948 the Estates Theatre has been able to take on a life of its own making it one of the top locations for art and entertainment in Prague.

When the theater was originally but it was intended as a place for the Nazi soldiers to come and watch entertainment from their native lands. After the occupation and the liberation of the Czech people the theater has taken on a new life allowing for a wide diversity of cultures and entertainment choices.

When visiting Prague you will want to take in a show at the Estates Theater.  The price for tickets are very reasonable and you are guaranteed to have an amazing time.  So, if you are into culture and looking for a night out on the town with a friend or just by yourself the Estates Theater is a safe bet.

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