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Exhibition: JKOK Infinity of Jan Kaplický

Jan Kaplicky was a gifted and truly artistic creator of his times. His works often displayed immense creative skill and an intentional thought process that wowed both colleagues and art lovers. It is due to this reason that the dancing house gallery in collaboration with Prague city property management saw it fit to hold an exhibition that will be showcasing the works of the renowned architect. The event will run under the JKOK banner.

The showcase will feature the best of Kaplicky’s works, giving guests insights into his abstract reasoning towards creation and the artistic field as a whole. Most of the impressions on display will be open to public viewing for the first time and will be a sure way for art lovers to see another side of his imagination.

The exhibition through the works on display, will strive to showcase the artist’s source of inspiration, his most notable works especially in the world of design, his family background and creative thought abilities. Eva Jiricna, Al-design limited and the Kaplicky centre foundation as the main organizers of this event are pleased to have you in attendance. Adriana Krnacova- Prague city mayor, will be gracing the exhibition.

New forms of housing

The dancing house will showcase the artist’s work in three sections; with the basement focusing on Kaplicky’s roots- his family background and the exceptional artistic tendencies of his parents from whom he derived a lot of inspiration. The works on display here will include those he created while still in Czechoslovakia, like the artistic impression of the stingray’ concert and congressional centre and also the ones he created while in the UK as an immigrant. The contrast clearly demonstrated in the two sets of art is a clear indication of the artist’s growth and mastery of his craft.

Fantastic things can be built with the simplest of materials. JK

Enzo Ferrari Museum

The ground floor will be relegated to Kaplicky’s most vital projects. It will feature mostly images and simplified representations of physical structures and objects. This section of art will seek to offer the viewers a chance to delve deep into the artist’s thoughts and imaginations on how he regards this field. His impeccable style of artistry will be highlighted by the various showcased items.

Kaplicky’s creative dexterity will take the last section-upstairs. The display here will try to merge various elements of the modern world into art. He tries to borrow hugely from technology by incorporating 3D imaging into artistic designs for example. His influences are however not limited to technology but he looks further to aesthetic appeal, shapes and even governance styles adopted by various nations especially in the developed world.

The exhibition will go a long way in portraying Jan Kaplicky as not only a legendary artist of his time but also the intermediary between the ancient and contemporary art world through his futuristic works. The event will provide an opportunity for open and amiable discussions on modern art; its current status and fate in years to come. Architects, historians and enthusiasts of contemporary art will also be on hand to lecture and share their views.

Date: 08.11.-12.03. 2017
Address: The Dancing House
Jiráskovo Square 6
Prague 2
Open: daily 9 a.m. – 20 p.m.

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