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National Theatre in Prague, Czech Republic

National Theatre in Prague

Originally conceived of in 1844 but not constructed to the beginning of 1866 the National theatre in Prague is a collaboration of the arts, culture and heritage of the city of Prague.  The original construction was granted permission by the Prague Government to open an independently funded and operated cultural arts building but it took all these years to gain funding, purchase the lands and acquire the necessary support to construct the theatre.

Once it was constructed however, it was one of the greatest cultural buildings in the city of Prague. Upon completion and continued renovations and improvements until the late 1990’s the National Theater is home to three amazing venues that rotate to offer a wide variety cultural entertainment.


The first venue is setup for Drama.  In the National Theatre venue guests can enjoy a fun filled night of well crafted and acted plays and performances by gifted actors and actresses. These gifted performers will dress in fun and provocative costumes as they tell stories through voice and song.


Ballet is a large crowd pleaser when it comes to performances in Prague.  When it comes to the National Theatre you can enjoy local dancers and performers as they dance their way into your hearts and minds in the Karlín Music Theatre.


Opera is another well celebrated art form in Prague.  In the National Theatre you can enjoy a lovely night or Opera in the Estates Theatre.  Here when the lights go down and the performers take the stage you will be swept away by the wonderful once in a lifetime performances that can only be experienced here in Prague.

The New Stage

Constructed in 1983 the New Stage is a welcomed addition to the National Theater.  Here you will also be able to view a collaboration of the above arts, drama, opera and ballet. The new stage is also home for new talents and performances that will help drive home the culture and spirit of the people of Prague.

The Spirit of Prague

When it comes to the spirt of Prague you can easily see that they are one of culture, heritage and the joys of life. When visiting Prague you will want to make it a priority to take in a show or two at the many numerous arts and cultural arenas in the area.  And if you are struggling to decide on which one to choose, try the National Theater to start.  I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

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