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National Museum on Wenceslas Square in Prague. Czech Republic.

The Prague Museum Night Festival

The Prague Museum Night is a special event that takes place annually between late May and early June, in the capital city of the Czech Republic. For only one night, every museum in Prague opens its doors to the public. The city of Prague hosts 52 museums and galleries, not to mention several cultural institutions, in 80 different buildings.

What is more appealing about this night is that entrance to the various museums and galleries is free. Additionally, the Prague Transport Company provides shuttles and a fleet of buses to the various museums at no cost. The doors are open from 7 pm to 1 am, and this offers the perfect opportunity for you to visit several museums across the city. There is so much to explore and tourists are often spoilt for choice when this big night arrives.

On normal days, Prague museums charge an admission fee, which might be out of reach for most locals. For this reason, the museum night festival is particularly popular with the locals, who find it as the most appropriate time to adore what their city has to offer. You should therefore expect huge crowds exceeding 100,000 people, when heading to the city. Nevertheless, do not worry about the throngs of people, for it is all part of the fun.

This special event prides itself as the biggest cultural event in Czechia. The event is a nationwide phenomenon that you do not want to miss. Apart from visiting various museums and cultural institutions, other cultural events are on offer. Traditional exhibitions, expositions and other art events are some of the highlights of the Prague Museum Night. It is a time for artists, craftsmen, musicians and other performers to display their talent. Lectures, films, art competitions and concerts are also on show during this night. There is something for everyone, regardless of your tastes and preferences.

Students and other young art enthusiasts are not left behind. Several institutions and museums provide special programs for kids and young adults. The event offers a nice opportunity for kids to learn something new and discover the world of art and culture. Therefore, remember to bring your kids along for a new cultural experience.

The only shortcoming about this special event is that you will not be able to visit all the museums and galleries in one night. With over 52 museums and cultural institutions to choose from, it is viably impossible to visit all sites in less than 5 hours. Additionally, the Jewish Museum often opens at 10.30pm in observance of the Sabbath, in case the event falls on a Saturday.

In view of all these limitations, it is advisable that you ask your tour guide on which are the best sites to visit within the allocated duration. You may select two or three sites, and then schedule a visit to the rest of the sites for another day. The Prague Museum Night will always leave you yearning for more, and it does not hurt if you could part with a few coins as admission fee, to visit the rest of the museums in your own time.

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