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Prague Castle
View of the Lesser Bridge Tower of Charles Bridge in Prague (Karluv Most) the Czech Republic. This bridge is the oldest in the city and a very popular tourist attraction

The Top 10 Things to Do in Prague

Prague is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Europe. The Czech Republic’s capital, a den of history, culture and youthful vibrancy, combines breath-taking scenery and artistic attractions. Drawing over 4,000,000 visitors from all over, Prague’s stunning Roman Catholic, Grotesque and Renaissance architectural mix is an entity celebrated the world over.

With its history of musical prodigy, Prague appeals to musicians and classics-fanatics alike. Meanwhile, the city appeals to those in “want of a good time” because of its nightlife scene, which offers a variety of clubs, pubs and bistros. The success of Prague as a touristic destination stems from its striking diversity, which will make for a holiday you could hardly forget.

Should you be keen to visit Prague, you may want to pinpoint hallmarks to visit or popular activities to partake in. To facilitate your choice, here is a list of the top ten things to do in Prague.

1. Stroll through the iconic Charles Bridge

This 14th-century architectural monument is known across the world for the picturesque views it offers of the entire city of Prague. Crossing the Vltava River, it offers perfect scenery for romantic walks, photography and sunset-watching. The bridge is about 600 meters long and joins the historic Prague castle and the rest of the city’s monuments.

2. Visit the Prague Castle complex

This impressive venue, dating from as far as the 9th century, is the largest castle complex in the world, spanning over 70,000 m2. The Czech castle complex comprises the most prominent cultural institutions in the Czech Republic. This UNESCO-protected monument has hundreds of breath-taking gardens, vineyards and even parks. The Cathedral of St Virtus and The Royal Garden are among its most popular attractions. The preserved houses of Golden Lane are another popular destination. Originally built to house Rudolf the Second’s guards, the houses were once the homes of goldsmiths, writers and other artists.

3. Enjoy A Gastronomic Breakfast At The Café Louvre

Should you want to experience a Parisian atmosphere without crossing thousands of kilometers to France’s capital, the historic Café Louvre in Prague’s city center can accommodate you. Deemed a celebration of The Slavs’ amicable relations with the French, this century-old, exclusive café offers some of the best French and Slavic cuisine in Prague.

4. Have An Opera Night At The Prague National Theatre

The Prague National Theatre is the home of world-renowned Slavic Opera. This monument is deemed to have been a pillar to the preservation of the Czech language and its rich artistic traditions. The National Theatre consists of three classic ensembles: Opera, ballet and drama. Tickets for current shows are available on the official PNT website.

5. Explore The National Prague Museum

Situated on Wenceslas Square, the center of business and cultural communities, the National Prague Museum exposes natural, scientific and historical collections. Founded at the beginning of the 19th-century, the museum contains almost 14 million pieces that range from sectors of music to history and librarianship.

6. See The Prague Astronomical Clock

Perhaps the most famous monument in Prague, the astronomical clock was first installed in 1410 and is the third oldest one of the kind that is still operating – in the world. The clock is mounted on the southern wall of the Old Town Hall. The mystique around the clock was created by the legend that should the clock, or Orloj, as locally called, be neglected, a ghost would haunt the entire city.

7. Attend A Riverside Party

This tour of pubs and lounges in Prague is a moving party, filled with fun activities for tourists, drinking games and exciting sight-seeing. A different way to see the city, this amalgamates touristic exploration, networking and of course, having a cool glass of sangria.

8. Go On A Clock Tower Bar Crawl

After seeing the spectacular Prague Orloj, many tourists opt for a bar crawl to let loose and make new friends. The tour guides are dedicated to ensuring you have a good time, with plenty of drink-filled dares and team-building challenges.

9. Bathe In Old Prague History At The Jewish Quarter

The Jewish quarter, formerly a ghetto, is a preserved corner of the Old Town vibrant with history, cultural sites, synagogues and memorials. The cemeteries are deemed to be of a melancholic beauty and the halls brimmed with historical artifacts.

10. Pet Exotic Animals At The Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo is considered among the most beautiful zoos in the world. The zoo offers family tours that will enchant younger visitors and offers fabulous pastry shops and toy expositions ranging from Barbie dolls to steam locomotives.

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