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The Wenceslas Square
Night view of Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czech Republic

10 places to visit in The Czech Republic

Planning for a holiday trip is never easy since you have to know the exact destinations that you want to visit. This should not be the case when planning to go to the Czech Republic for a holiday. There are so many fun places that you could visit in this country such that it would take you a very long vacation to exhaust them all. In case your holiday is not long enough to explore the entire country, here is a list of 10 destinations that you should visit.


If you are looking for a cultural place, Prague is the place to visit. It is the capital city of the Czech Republic. It also has been the capital city of the famous Roman Empire and Bohemia as well. Interestingly, this city is developed, but their culture has still been preserved and not tampered with for the sake of tourism. The historical sites and architecture will be a story to tell.  Prague is believed to be a holy city, and the Infant Jesus Prague is also located within the town. People come from all over to worship under this shrine with believes that it is a holy place.  Travellers also stop by and make wishes from the shrine hoping they will come true. There are beautiful and affordable hotels in Prague; once you are done with the touring, it will be easy to get a place to lay your head for the night.

Prague Castle
View of the Lesser Bridge Tower of Charles Bridge in Prague (Karluv Most) the Czech Republic. This bridge is the oldest in the city and a very popular tourist attraction

Cesky Krumlov

In the early days, this was the trade-zone town. The Bohemian castle is in this town making it a travel destination for many tourists. The historic building from the 1800s in this town is still preserved; you would not notice much change from how it used to look. You will like it walking down the streets; everything from the sops to the delicious food is just charming. Settling here during your stay would be a great deal.

Cesky Krumluv, Czechia

Kutna Hora

This was the first monastery of Bohemia. The development and growth of this town were as a result of silver deposit discovery in the mountains of the city. There are many exciting places that you have to visit while in this town. These sites are the gothic buildings, the five-naved cathedral, st Barbaras Church, the Italian Court, the bone house, the Stone Haus and many others.  It is also a beautiful location to get a place to stay while in your tour in the Czech Republic.

Kutna Hora
Kutna Hora is very old city and its monuments should be seen by all fans of history.

Karlovy  Vary

This town is famous for the hot springs found here. People come from all over the world just to see the hot springs as they have been believed to cure diseases. This led to the opening of spars that have been functioning for many centuries now, and many have claimed to be cured from these spars.  The place had a lovely architecture which was later affected by natural calamities.

karlovy vary
Karlovy vary

Castle  Karlstejn

The famous Roman Emperor Charles IV lived in this gothic castle. This caused it being famous and many tourists visiting the town to see it. If you are settled in Prague, it is still easy to access Castle Karlstejn since it is only 18 miles away from the city. The architecture of the building is exciting and worth exploring all the three terraced levels.

Castle Karlstejn
Castle Karlstejn Czech Republic


Telc is a town in the Moravia area. It was developed as a port with the intentions of making trade possible among the Bohemia, Austria, and Moravia. This is a lovely destination for photographers to stop by. The architecture of the Holy Ghost and local Jesuit churches in the area is so beautiful for photography.

Old Houses, Telc
Old Houses, Telc


This is a town with exciting destinations. It was initially used as a fort for the Roman during the era of Imperialism.  However, after some time, it was converted to a home for the Moravian Governor. The St Wenceslas Cathedral is found in this town’s castle. Olomouc is home to various religious buildings and many other tourist attraction sites such as the astronomical clock and the art museum.

Moravian Karst

This is a geological site with underground limestone caverns and gorges that extends for several kilometers. The Macocha Abyss, a ravine of about 453 feet deep is found in this region. Other than the caverns and canyons, this area is a perfect place to go hiking and bicycle riding.


For the lovers of Pilsner beer and Plzen, this is a must visit center. It is the home of Pilsner beer breweries and also the 4th largest city in the Czech Republic. Other than discovering where your beer comes from, there is beautiful architecture such as the Great Synagogue and the St Bartholomew’s Cathedral.  The famous university of West Bohemia is in this city.

Krkonose National Park

If you are looking for a landscape adventure, you should plan a trip to this national park. It is the most natural area in the entire Czech Republic.  The ecosystem in this park looks ancient and authentic. There are mountain slopes, flat ridges, and alpine meadows. The tourists can view from a distance or go hiking.  Steep climbing is also available in the park.  Krkonose national park is a fun place for families to visit.

The Czech Republic offers amazing locations with several attractions. You can only be spoilt for choice.

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